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SMOKING: Voters spoke loudly on this issue

Re: “Smoking lounge ‘buy-in’ bill moves ahead” (Political Buzz, 3-20).

How does making more people exposed to, addicted to and sick from tobacco in order to “raise more money for critical health care programs” make sense? The cigar lounge bill would do just that.

I have been told that this bill is still being considered because it is “necessary to implement the budget.” I wonder who decided that? The last time I checked, state voters approved smoke-free indoor air for all workers in the state. And they spoke very clearly: Initiative 901 was passed by a wide voter margin and

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SMOKING: Ban aims at protecting workers

To those who have written about El Gaucho and its now-forbidden cigar room: I’ve read the letters on this topic, and, while all or nearly all of these writers repeat the mantra that the indoor cigar smokers at this restaurant aren’t bothering anyone else or aren’t hurting anyone, no one has mentioned the wait-staff, cleanup staff, stockers and various others who must work in that environment.

Unlike the customers, who presumably expect to come in for an hour or two once in a while, the workers must remain in that smoke-filled room for most of the duration of their

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SMOKING: Secondhand smoke should be declared a nuisance

Re: “Smoke-free in apartments” (TNT, 8-29).

The Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department should definitely endorse amending the state Landlord-Tenant Act to include secondhand smoke as a “nuisance” similar to loud music or barking dogs. Many people are surprised it wasn’t included as a nuisance five years ago.

Declaring secondhand smoke a “nuisance” would simply give a tenant the upper hand in removing unwanted secondhand smoke from their property, particularly in the case when a landlord does not include a smoking policy in their lease (now law in Oregon).

Pierce County landlords should know they can already include a very strict no-smoking

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SMOKING: PUSH efforts on apartments appreciated

Re: “Smoke-free in apartments?” (TNT, 8-29).

I support PUSH (People United for Smoke-free Housing) for bringing the issue of smoke-free apartments to the Tacoma-Pierce County Health Board, whose job it is to safeguard the health of our community.

The 2006 U.S. Surgeon General’s report regarding secondhand smoke states:

• It causes premature death and disease in children and in adults who do not smoke (50,000 deaths annually).

• Children have an increased risk of sudden infant death syndrome, acute respiratory infections, ear problems and more severe asthma. Smoking by parents causes breathing (respiratory) symptoms and slows lung growth in their

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