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OIL: Seattle mayor and ‘kayaktivists’ are hypocritical

Re: Seattle’s Murray joins fight against drilling rigs” (TNT, 5-8).

I find the article about the “kayaktivists” laughable. It’s good to see that there are reasons the kayakers can use to load up their kayaks onto their SUVs and ply the waters. Unfortunately their message, as well as Seattle Mayor Ed Murray, reeks of hypocrisy.

To deny Royal Dutch Shell its legal right to dock a few drilling ships, and to attack Foss Marine by badgering the Port of Seattle into reconsidering Foss’ lease, is disregard for the law of lease and reeks of anarchy.

While alternative energy has

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BERTHA: Time to put machine out of its misery

I would really like to discuss the state Route 167 extension into Tacoma from Puyallup, but I believe it is more important to talk about Bertha.

Everyone knows who Bertha is, right? That’s the broken-down tunneling machine down in that big money pit in Seattle. This has gone beyond ridiculous. Even if they can repair it and put it back together, what’s to say it won’t break down again?

It is time to bite the bullet and bury Bertha where it is. If the viaduct can’t be repaired, then run traffic on new surface streets. I am sure that some property owners

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TUNNEL: Modern Bertha vs. old-time brawn

In 1903, a one-mile-long tunnel below downtown Seattle from Alaskan Way on the waterfront to Fourth Avenue South and Washington Street was built by Great Northern Railway. The construction costs were split by Great Northern and the Northern Pacific.

Work began on April 4, 1903; 350 laborers with picks, shovels, and wheelbarrows started digging from the Northern and the Southern portals. Along the dig they came across blue clay and hard gravel formations that required drilling. During the excavation, water seepage plagued the diligent crews.

Nonetheless, the two tunnels were connected on Oct. 26, 1904. Two months later, the tunnel was

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SPORTS: Tacoma Dome could host NBA/NFL teams

In the past few years there has been renewed talk of bringing the NBA back to Seattle along with an NHL team. I think that Seattle has enough professional sports.

Tacoma and Pierce County are losing out on an opportunity for potential substantial economic development.

Tacoma is a perfect opportunity for investor Chris Hansen, the prime lobbyist who want to build a new arena in Seattle. Let’s just sell the Tacoma Dome. The highways are better suited for access, and the Tacoma Dome has more capacity than Seattle’s Key Arena.

Tacoma and Pierce County are in a new chapter of economic growth; this

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FERGUSON: Help bend the arc of justice

Re: “Conflicting witnesses on Ferguson, race in America” (editorial, 11-26).

Noting that what happened and is happening in Ferguson, Missouri, is “too ambiguous” to bear the weight of a “racial narrative” is insufficient. The prosecutor was out to protect the police in the grand jury proceedings, as legal experts have noted.

The cross-examination of Darren Wilson was merely pro forma, for instance, whereas others were grilled. The aim was to keep the facts “ambiguous.”

We can know that Missouri and other states have perpetuated white supremacist law enforcement and justice systems, from the days of Dred Scott until now,

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HOLIDAY: None of us is truly ‘indigenous’

Seattle’s self-proclaimed “Indigenous Peoples Day” to coincide with Columbus Day, does little more than create a “dueling holidays scenario.”

Also, who does it refer to? The dictionary says “indigenous” means “originating or occurring naturally in a particular place.” There are no such people in this country. The earliest humans immigrated from Asia thousands of years ago.

So all of us descended from immigrant ancestors. Some may have seniority because their ancestors immigrated earlier, but they are not “indigenous.” The proposed holiday is misguided and should be scrapped.


BICYCLES: Bike tax could fund special lanes

The City of Seattle is considering the construction of two-lane bicycle lanes. Local merchants are in opposition as it will remove needed parking for their business patrons.

I have a different take. Considering the cost of bicycle lanes and the source of funding for these lanes (motor vehicle fund), perhaps a new approach should be taken so these high-cost, limited-use lanes are at least partially funded by the users.

As bicycles do not consume taxable fuel, a statewide license tax on every bike would at least partially put this mode of transportation in the same position as other types of

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MAY DAY: Seattle is Disneyland for progressives

Right on queue, Seattle’s May Day march devolved into street theater as ninja hipsters grabbed their iPhone5’s, Guy Fawkes masks, black flags and Nike sneakers and descended on downtown to flip off anybody who asked them to articulate the reasons behind their “anti-capitalist” march against the Man.

Do the irony-challenged realize they are protesting on a safe little bubble of a progressive theme park? Seattle is a sanctuary city that celebrates a statue of Lenin, has a socialist-driven city hall pushing for a $15 per hour minimum wage and has relentlessly driven cars out of the city by replacing roads

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