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STP: Cyclists need to obey rules of the road

Craig Hill’s advice (TNT, 7-11) to those participating in the Seattle to Portland Bicycle Classic this weekend seems to have left out some vital information. Riders need to remember to share the road. Just because they are in a “special” event doesn’t mean they get to ignore the traffic rules that are there to make sure that the cyclists and motorists have equal and safe access to the roads.

Don’t stream across in clumps of a hundred cyclists at a crosswalk. Take your turn when the light says it’s your turn. Don’t ride four and five abreast and expect

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STP: Riders need to obey rules of the road

It is that time again: Seattle to Portland Bicycle Classic weekend. That means bicyclists will once again overflow the roads, ignoring traffic signals, clogging up intersections, riding multiple bicycles abreast so that cars (whose owners pay for the upkeep of the roads with their taxes) have to go slow and be put at risk because of the cyclists’ selfish behavior.

A couple of STPs ago, I had my daughter and young grandson in my car, and we were heading down one of the rural roads that was overflowing with the STP riders. There were four abreast to our

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