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SPORTS: Media ignore Northwest champions

What a great win for the Seahawks, and the Northwest. How wonderful for the Seahawks to receive the well- deserved and long overdue recognition that has been denied them all year. It would be nice if another very successful local pro team got the recognition they deserve as well, especially since they have won two national titles.

I would be referring to the Seattle Storm. Yet repeatedly the national coverage acknowledged the Sonics as the one and only other championship team in Seattle history. To make things worse, a local network made the same statement.

A bit of an apology

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SPORTS: Region already has pro basketball team

Sports writers cheer Seattle getting back a professional basketball team. Yet we have had a professional team in the Puget Sound area ever since the Sonics left, thanks to the courage of the four women who bought the Seattle Storm WNBA team.

The Storm has brought home two championship trophies, made the finals in eight of their 11 years and are role models for their community. So let’s give the Storm some of the recognition and credit they are due and stop acting like we didn’t have a professional basketball team the last several years.

Go, Storm!


SPORTS: Pro basketball is already in Seattle

Wake up, Seattle and Tacoma: We presently have a pro basketball team in Seattle. In the 12 seasons it has been here, this team has made the WNBA playoffs nine times and brought home the WNBA title in 2004! The team stayed when the Sonics left.

A small, private group of committed women who wanted to have women’s pro basketball stay in Seattle bought the Storm. They didn’t demand a new stadium, then leave to Oklahoma when they didn’t get it.

Several Storm players qualified for the All-Stars and a few even for Olympic competition. They are one of the

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SPORTS: Local pro teams continue to disappoint fans

Will somebody please stop all the bloodletting about our local professional sports teams, it is excruciatingly painful. The Seattle Mariners should be named the “Marionettes” because they play like puppets on a string and the Seattle and King County council should contact actor Drew Carey and tell him they will pay him money to relocate the Seattle Sounders out of State. As for the Seahawks, maybe Billionaire owner Paul Allen should just sell then now and cut his losses.

Oh, wait! Isn’t there another team that Sportswriters seemed to have forgotten about, namely, Lauren Jackson, Sue Bird and the

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