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NBA: We want our Sonics back

The Seattle Sonics were moved to Oklahoma City in 2008 after the city failed to agree on building a new arena with Sonic owners. Since then, the Hansen group has a binding agreement to purchase the Sacramento Kings. It has binding agreements in place to build a new stadium and move the Kings to Seattle and bring Sonics basketball back. Now the NBA Relocation Committee has voted unanimously in favor of the Kings staying in Sacramento.

We want our Sonics back. If the NBA is not willing to let us have a expansion team or let us buy a team

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TACOMA: Dome consultants missed the point

Regarding the Tacoma Dome study (TNT, 12-21), the consultants missed a critical point.

The question asked by the consultants to Seattle and King County corporate entities was whether they would support a Tacoma professional team, such as the Tacoma Kings. The question should have been would they support the Seattle Supersonics playing in the Tacoma Dome – a totally different question that would of elicited a totally different response.

The concept is not as far-fetched as you may think. During the renovation of the Key Arena in 1994/95, the Sonics played in the Tacoma Dome and ranked 13th in

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TACOMA: Here’s an idea for the Dome

Tacoma is currently looking for a way to increase interest in the Tacoma Dome. With the current excitement about the possibility of the Seattle Sonics return, why not try to get a NBA-D Team here?

If you are not familiar, the NBA-D League is a farm team for the NBA. Many current NBA players once played there, including Jeremy Lin. The Tacoma Rainiers work here for the Mariners, why not a farm team for the Sonics?