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MARINERS: Neck tattoo doesn’t make Felix a ‘thug’

I don’t usually condone tattoos, especially visible ones, but the reader’s “Say what?” comment (TNT, 4-3) was a tad harsh.

Felix Hernandez is a family man, a leader on the Seattle Mariners team and in the community, and I would hope that most would reflect on these positive things.

He is not a “thug,” as the reader labeled him. So let’s rally behind our ace pitcher and hope for a great season. Go Mariners and go Felix!


MARINERS: Don’t give up on struggling team

Re: “Team’s disappointing – again” (letter, 4-25).

I have been a fan of the Mariners for 17 years. Winning is great, but I’m still a fan when they lose or struggle with new players.

I will continue to enjoy the ups and downs of the Mariners. The players all strive to do well and win. We fans just need to watch and support them, especially since we are only three weeks into a six-month season.


MARINERS: True fan takes the bad with the good

Re: “Team’s disappointing – again” (letter, 4-25).

It would seem obvious to even the most casual observer that the writer is not a true baseball fan. A real aficionado of America’s finest sport takes the good seasons with the bad. Instead of being a “Nattering Nabob of Negativity,” I prefer to be a “Prattling Potentate of Positivity.”

Hope springs eternal. Go Mariners!


MARINERS: Team’s a disappointment – again

I love baseball. Every spring I look forward to having a home team to follow and root for. And what do I get? Insult after insult!

How many years does it take to learn how to put together a winning team? This year’s Mariners team is unbalanced – too heavy on youth and inexperience. It’s almost as if the “powers that be” delight in insulting the fans.

The Mariners do not belong in the major leagues. If you’re not in it to win, get out of the game. The people in charge should be ashamed of themselves for what they’ve

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MARINERS: Let’s honor the ‘Peanut Man’

Re: “Safeco Field’s ‘Peanut Man’ dies” (TNT, 7-28).

The Mariners are on my friends list on Facebook, and I could not believe how many likes and comments there were about Rick Kaminski. This very simple, honest, hard-working man has done nothing more since 1977 in his professional life than to throw peanuts to other people at baseball games (as far as I know).

Just reading the comments touched my heart as I thought about how much a person, considered to be so insignificant in the scheme of things, could have such an impact on so many people and touch

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GRIFFEY: Everyone needs a nap now and then

Lately I have seen lots of chatter about Ken Griffey’s nap and how he shouldn’t have, etc. How often do you get so beat up by this recession that you simply can’t keep your eyes open? My job is no different than many others, but can you imagine how it must feel to be a Mariner lately? This was a year for high hopes. It hasn’t happened.

Griffey brought lots of excitement to this region once. If he really did sit down and fall asleep during a game, I really don’t care much. Did anyone really think by bringing him

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GRIFFEY: Enough already!

Was Griffey napping? Wasn’t he napping? Anonymous #1 said this; Anonymous #2 said that…. His agent said this, then he said our editors did that —– on and on and on.

Enough articles that start out giving Griffey a left-handed compliment, then slinging him dig after dig. Enough references to him as a “geezer”, a “spare part”, etc. Enough staging his whole retirement scenario to the smallest detail. Enough, already.

Coming to reside in Tacoma only about 10 years ago, I never experienced the Ken Griffey Jr. legend years, but I have enjoyed his presence back in the Northwest

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