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OBAMA: Presidents deserve some free time, too

I didn’t vote for Barack Obama in 2008, and I do not plan to vote for him in November because I do not think that he has a realistic plan to turn our economy around, and his approach to foreign policy is weak and misguided.

Having said that, I flamed angry when I heard Sean Hannity taking him to task for taking vacation time and spending time playing golf and basketball.

Ronald Reagan and George Bush spent a lot of well-deserved time cutting brush and doing other work on their ranches to relax and replenish, and Bush logged in many

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MEDIA: What Fox News does isn’t news

Re: “Watch wide variety to get the truth” (letter, 9-13).

The letter writer states he is a Libertarian and prefers to watch new shows that feature Libertarian points of view. He also says that Fox News and Fox Business News are the only two channels that offer Libertarian views.

He goes on to say that all the other news channels on TV have a left-wing bias. I couldn’t disagree more. Only Fox News watchers consider ABC, NBC, CBS, and CNN to be biased toward the left.

Fox News is the center of the political right-wing, religious fundamentalist universe. If

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MEDIA: That rhetoric flies in both directions

Re: “Liberal rhetoric demonizes conservatives” (letter, 6-16).

Reading this letter, I couldn’t help laughing and waiting for the punch line. But there wasn’t any.

Use the exact same words to describe talk radio and the far right and the writer just described the past 15 years of the likes of Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Karl Rove and the others whose goal seems to be to damage our country enough to make our president look bad and make him a one-term president – at any cost.

How sad. The writer should look in the mirror.