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SEAHAWKS: Sea Gals and Blitz deserve high fives, too

It sure is nice being world champions; congratulations, Seahawks.

I watched the whole show on Wednesday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., with everyone patting each other on the back and complimenting players, staff and owner Paul Allen.

But something was missing: It dawned on me that not once did I hear one word about the Sea Gals and Blitz. This fine group works hard in support of the club and in all kinds of weather, so how about a “high five” to them also.


SEAHAWKS: Are we seeing birth of a dynasty?

Could the Seahawks be setting the table for the West Coast version of the New England Patriots?

The comparisons: Great owners (Paul Allen here, Bob Kraft there), excellent general managers/coaches (Bill Belichick there, John Schneider and Pete Carroll here), and of course both teams have players who are not only talented but buy into the systems.

It just shows what can happen when everyone is on the same page.


SEAHAWKS: Sports provides jobs, entertainment

I often hear complaints that athletes are extravagantly overpaid, citing some lavish lifestyles and multimillion-dollar contracts. I, however, contend that they contribute more to our enjoyment and economy than any other cohort of society – and are grossly underpaid; most are not paid at all.

Think what the Seahawks alone have contributed – to entertainment, sales and jobs – in new gear, tickets, travel, restaurants, hotels, clothing, tailgating, home parties, reportage, advertising, commercials, security and more – plus the extensive and expensive planning, preparation and execution involved.

The “sports industry” (from neighborhood playgrounds to huge urban stadia, from sandlot “pick-up”

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SPORTS: Media ignore Northwest champions

What a great win for the Seahawks, and the Northwest. How wonderful for the Seahawks to receive the well- deserved and long overdue recognition that has been denied them all year. It would be nice if another very successful local pro team got the recognition they deserve as well, especially since they have won two national titles.

I would be referring to the Seattle Storm. Yet repeatedly the national coverage acknowledged the Sonics as the one and only other championship team in Seattle history. To make things worse, a local network made the same statement.

A bit of an apology

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SEAHAWKS: Government help isn’t the issue

Re: “NFL doesn’t need government’s help” (letter, 1-31).

It isn’t a matter of the government helping the Seahawks. It’s a little thing called pride and support.

I don’t know the writer’s brother-in-law or his business, but I doubt that he or his business have provoked the pride that most Seahawks fans have for them.

When was the last time the brother-in-law’s business had more than 65,000 people in it on any given day? And how much money has he brought to the businesses all over this state like the Seahawks do?

As far as the government rooting for the

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SEAHAWKS: Change rule forcing Marshawn Lynch to talk

The NFL should have an exception that would allow a player like Marshawn Lynch to not deal with the media. Lynch was so uncomfortable during media day Tuesday, one could see and feel his discomfort.

Lynch is a quintessential human being talented on the football field and his personal preference to not speak with the media should be respected.

Can the 12th Man do something to change the NFL rules?


SEAHAWKS: Government shouldn’t promote NFL

What is it with local government promoting a for-profit business called the NFL, comprised of millionaires?

I have seen signs by local governments, schools and buses plastered with “Go Seahawks.” I know of local government rallies to be held promoting the NFL.

I don’t see rallies for the profits of Boeing or State Farm in Tacoma. I don’t see the governments rallying for my brother-in-law’s business. Where is his free advertising?

Look around. Local government is promoting a for-profit business whose employees are millionaires. What’s up with that?

If government can’t sing the praises of local businesses, what right do

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