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SEAHAWKS: Pass had chance of being a brilliant call

I am an avid Seahawks fan, and I have to congratulate the team for making it to the Super Bowl for the second consecutive season.

OK, so what if Ricardo Lockett had made that catch in the end zone, and the Hawks had won as a result? There would be far less talk, if any, about that play call being the worst call in Super Bowl history.

With millions of people (including myself and the Patriots) assuming that Marshawn Lynch would attempt to dive into the end zone for the winning score, the Hawks called a different play. Give some credit to

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SUPER BOWL: Passing call not so bad

I learned some interesting facts from an ESPN analyst last night.

•  Marshawn Lynch was 1 for 5 this year rushing from the 1-yard line (defenses are waiting for him).

•  There were 101 touchdown passes thrown from the 1-yard line this year (league wide) and only one interception.

Put the 20 percent chance of a Lynch TD against the 1 percent chance of an interception, and it seems like it was a pretty solid call, just bad luck and a fantastic play by the defender.


SEAHAWKS: Season ends one miracle short

The Seattle Seahawks do not depend on miracles. Far from it. Their stats show them to be an extraordinary football team. But for a while, miracles just seemed to come their way.

The final three minutes of the NFC championship game was a solid stream of miracles. The Seahawks accomplished a seemingly impossible series of tasks: scoring a touchdown, followed by a successful onside kick, another touchdown and a two-point conversion. In overtime they won the coin toss and scored yet another touchdown.

They pulled a miraculous victory from what looked like certain defeat.

The Seahawks’ Super Bowl miracle came

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SEAHAWKS: Woody has the last word on passing

The controversial play call by the Seahawks at the Super Bowl reminds me of a quote attributed to famed former Ohio State coach Woody Hayes.

The Buckeyes were a running team known for the motto, ”Three yards and a cloud of dust.” When asked why the team didn’t pass more, Woody stated: “There are three things that can happen when you throw a pass, and two of them are bad.”

Enough said.


SEAHAWKS: We can hold our heads high

There are going to be so many naysayers and rumors out there about that last play. You’ll hear each and every player and coach blamed. Ignore the noise. You don’t think all the players, coaches and staff don’t wish that they had that play back? You don’t think they are all as disappointed as the fans?

Pete Carroll, Russell Wilson and company have brought us to two Super Bowls in two years. Am I disappointed that we lost? Heck, yeah. Am I disappointed in the team? Heck, no! I love my Seahawks. Always have and always will.

The bitter taste probably won’t go

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SEAHAWKS: There is no joy

After the sad conclusion of Sunday’s Super Bowl game, I was reminded of the last verse of the poem, “Casey at the Bat.”

With apologies to the author for changing a few words:

Oh, somewhere in this favored land the sun is shining bright,
The band is playing somewhere, and somewhere hearts are light;
And somewhere men are laughing, and somewhere children shout,
But there is no joy in Seattle – the mighty Seahawks have struck out.


SEAHAWKS: Give credit to parents, too

Re: “As Seahawks fans go, I’m an unlikely ’12th Man” (reader columnist, 1-26).

I think the success of the Seahawks mostly has to do with the greatness of its team members. Drilling down, their success has to do with the greatness of many, many parents of team members, a number of them poor, single moms working three jobs, living in the projects, who nevertheless modeled courage and perseverance to their kids and who communicated to kids with difficult paths ahead of them that their lives mattered, that they should shoot for the stars, that they should go for it,

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SEAHAWKS: 12s don’t ever give up on this team

I was fortunate enough to attend Sunday’s game against the Packers: hands down one of the most memorable games I have ever been to.

I was a bit dismayed when minutes after the game, players were asked what they thought of the fans who left early. That should never have been a story line or question. Yet as I went around town the day after, I had people (non fans) ask if I really stayed to the end.

Of course I did, as I did when Tony Romo fumbled years ago in the playoffs. I was also thrilled that for the first time

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