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QURAN: Let’s have a day of universal offending

I have been reading various columns and letters about burning the Quran and the resulting killings. Gosh, pretty extreme reaction, but there may be a solution.

I have an idea to desensitize the world’s population and promote world peace … as Rodney King so eloquently asked, “Can’t we all just get along?”

My idea is for world leaders to agree on one day and designate that day each year when everyone around the world will burn a Bible, Quran, Torah, Tibetan Book of the Dead, or other sacred text.

Then they would draw a picture of Mohammad, Jesus, Abraham, the

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ISLAM: Wars fueled by hostile misreadings of scripture

Re: “Stop cherry-picking alarming quotes from the Quran” (Leonard Pitts column, 3-29).

So much of what was said can be applied to Rep. Peter King, R-NY, and his ongoing witch hunt to seek the “traitors” within our country that believe in Islam.

So much like the 1950s McCarthy witch hunt for all those “communists” within society, King finds little more than his own selected, and convoluted interpretations of readings from the Quran to fortify his persecution and accusations against Islam.

Islam had the prophet Muhammad much as Christianity had the teachings of Jesus to follow. Jesus did not teach man

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