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POLITICS: Liberals should end malicious tactics

Some political events are easily explainable and profoundly indicative of malicious, offensive partisan behavior.
I cite two of many instances where two of America’s most honorable men were falsely maligned for partisan political purposes – with the overwhelming complicit support of the mass media.

• The “Borking” (a systematic defamation of a highly qualified nominee for the Supreme Court, led by the malicious slanders by Ted Kennedy behind the protections of the Senate floor) of the late Robert Bork.

• The “Borking” of Mitt Romney –one of the most decent, reputable, competent, experienced nominees ever for president – by

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POLITICS: Walker shows Reagan’s kind of courage

In June 1987, President Ronald Reagan spoke in Berlin to a long-divided Germany and to the leader of the Soviet Union: “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall.”

The pundits howled: “President Reagan was a second-tier movie actor, his challenge was pure, ineffective rhetoric; how could he expect to change the conscience of a tyrannical empire?”
Improbable then, but it happened. The wall was soon destroyed by the once-divided people following the courageous leadership of a a U.S. president.

In June 2012, a similar momentous decision occurred in politically divided Wisconsin. Gov. Scott Walker was elected on a promise to

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MEDIA: ‘Progressive’ rhetoric demonizes conservatives

I have recently tuned in to a local “progressive talk” radio station to hear what the left is chattering about. I am not surprised to hear the extreme rhetoric of name-calling, demeaning slander and insults directed to anyone who does not believe as they do, especially to conservatives and Republicans.

One particular syndicated host regularly refers to the “right” as “Republicons,” “conservadamns,” traitors, idiots, morons and even communists. Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is referred to as “Governor Etch-a-Sketch,” and Gov. Mitch Daniels of Indiana has been called a “stupid idiot.” Another host has accepted the “if not by ballots then

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RECALL: Race more about a weak opponent

Wisconsin’s recall election shows that Gov. Scott Walker had advantage of time and the possible forgetfulness of some state voters. Tom Barrett, current mayor of Milwaukee, was chosen as challenger even though he was a two-time gubernatorial loser.

Walker knew he would be up for possible recall as far back as November 2011. Barrett threw in his hat on March 30; he won the primary May 8 – a full 28 days before the general recall. Walker’s campaign had six months of time to set his agenda, gather alliances and money. Barrett lost in the 2002 primary and again in

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UNIONS: Koch connection, big money and union-busting

Re: “Public unions meet their ultimate employers: Voters” (editorial, 6-7).

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker was caught several times on tape regarding his intent to break the state’s public employee unions. One conversation revealed his cozy collusion with the billionaire Republican Koch brothers to break the unions. Another conversation involved his secretive attempt to pit private and public unions against each other to destroy them both – divide and conquer.

Walker deliberately concealed his intent to break the unions when he ran for office.

Why do the Kochs and Walker want to break all the unions? Because breaking the unions

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LABOR: Lesson learned from Wisconsin

The election in Wisconsin is over. I hope wounds heal and the state keeps moving in the right direction toward fiscal responsibility and fairness to taxpayers.

I believe we may be too blue a state to end collective bargaining, but other parts of Wisconsin’s union reforms should be considered by the Washington state Legislature and governor.

The fact that state worker dues are mandatory and collected by the state doesn’t pass the smell test. Presently taxpayers pay the administrative cost to collect these dues and send the dollars to the unions. State worker unions in turn donate that money to

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UNION: GOP would take us back to the bad old days

More power to the Wisconsin workers attempting to retain their collective bargaining rights. They had already agreed to major concessions with Gov. Scott Walker before he went ballistic.

I am reminded of little Oliver Twist, holding up his gruel bowl, and politely requesting, “Please, sir, may I have some more?”

Walker, clearly in the back pocket of the Koch brothers (each worth $17.5 billion), would seem at home in Dickensian industrial England. The industrial era had ultra-rich robber barons, a staggering poverty level and a preponderance of sweat shops with no minimum wage, no workman’s compensation, no unemployment compensation, no

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UNION: Where was reporting on Walker’s statements?

I am curious as to why there was only a vague blurb from McClatchy News about a very compelling story. Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker said some extremely interesting and troubling things about his plan in Wisconsin and people deserve to be informed of what was said.

We can all agree that the procurement of these statements was unethical. An Internet reporter was able to get on the line with Walker by claiming to be billionaire Republican financier David Koch, and recorded the 20-minute conversation. Troubling indeed.

Easily as troubling were Walker’s comments on hiring and planting “thugs” to start

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