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SCOTCH BROOM: We’re getting the name wrong

Re: “Get rid of this noxious weed” (letter, 5-22).

While thoroughly in agreement with this writer, I was amused by the memory of encountering two Scots while walking cross-country in Scotland.

I mentioned the scourge of the invading “Scotch broom” in our area. With justified indignation they reminded me that “Scotch” was a beverage beloved by the “Scots,” and that the plant should be referred to as “Scots broom” (the broom from Scotland) instead! But let’s get rid of it!


SCOTCH BROOM: Don’t spray pollinators in bloom

As a beekeeper, I got cold sweats while reading the letter advising people to poison or cut down scotch broom now, while it’s in bloom (TNT, 5-22).

Honeybee losses topped 40 percent this past year, with summer die-offs greater than the expected winter losses. When people poison blooming plants, it can mean poisoning native and managed bees and maybe even killing an entire colony.

Bees get food from flowers - pollen for protein and nectar for carbohydrate. Bees foraging on sprayed flowers ingest the poison. Maybe they die right away. If not, they take the poison back to the nest where

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SCOTCH BROOM: Get rid of this noxious weed

Scotch broom, a noxious weed, is the scourge of the Pacific Northwest. If something isn’t done soon, our Evergreen State will be named the Golden State.

Now is the time to cut it down or poison it while it is blooming. The state, counties and private landowners need to respond. Take a flight or just take a ride along any road to see the takeover.


WEEDS: Remove and dispose of Scotch broom

Re: “Fruitful partnership between KP Lions and Park District continues” (newstribune.com, 7-10).

I am a member of a new group (Washington Scotch Broom Working Group) formed July 9 dedicated to the control and eradication of Scotch broom in Washington, particularly western Washington. It includes representatives from several county weed boards, tribal natural resource departments and environmental groups. We are working closely with the state’s Noxious Weed Control Board and Department of Transportation.

The article  included the statement that “it is prohibited to transport, buy, sell, offer for sale or distribute in plants, plant part or seed from.” The statement

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