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EARTH: Keep population numbers under control

Re: “Support Sumner/Bonney Lake schools levy” (letter, 1-12).

The writer expressed concern about the continued economic viability of our community. I am concerned about the continued livability of our planet. Having already passed a population of 7 billion, we have probably already exceeded the carrying capacity of the only habitat available to us.

If the threat of global warming is real (I think it is), and the activity of mankind is the cause ( I think it is), then more people will inevitably increase the threat. We do not need more people.

The writer has already entered five children

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SCHOOLS: Parents must control children’s access to guns

Re: “How about parents’ responsibility?” (letter, 11-21).

Although as a parent I know how hard it is to raise kids and sometimes things go wrong despite your best efforts, I agree wholeheartedly with the writer that parents need to take responsibility for their children’s conduct in the classroom.

Our teachers and staff deserve a safe work environment. Other kids – yes, my kids – deserve a safe learning environment. And that goes double for access to firearms. If parents must have guns in the home, they must go above and beyond to ensure that children do not have access

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SCHOOLS: Get angry about student bullying

When I read that Rebecca Ann Sedwick, a 12-year-old girl from Florida, killed herself over bullying, I became angry – at the students who “tormented” her, at our schools that don’t seem to understand the viciousness of the problem, at the rest of us for not being angry enough to take to the streets protesting and insisting no more of our children die like this.

I am also angry that when my daughter was viciously bullied for six years, I didn’t make more noise and come up with a better plan to not only save her, but Rebecca, to

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TACOMA: Suggestions for improving schools

Re: “School board’s schedule for evaluation system focuses on new teachers” (TNT, 7-19).

Our kids all went through the Tacoma school system, and we now have grandkids there. My wife was in the system as a teacher. Based on what we’ve experienced as parents and now grandparents (of grandkids in three different school systems), the Tacoma School Board does need to focus on teacher quality. However it also needs to look at the following policies that are equally detrimental to education:

• Teachers need to be able to discipline in some effective way without having to deal with a

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SCHOOLS: Today’s teachers have a lot more to know

Re: “Teachers not being well-prepared” (letter, 6-26).

The reason that today’s teachers seem to be less academically prepared than those of the 1940s and ’50s is because knowledge has at least quadrupled since then. With the proliferation of knowledge, made even more possible via computers and the Internet, it is not only possible to know more, but also teachers can now go to the Internet and find lesson plans and methods, based on brain research, to more effectively teach any subject.

As a nation, we have argued enough over what every American should know; never will everyone agree. But

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SCHOOLS: Teachers aren’t being well prepared

Re: “US teacher education barely gets a passing grade” (editorial, 6-24).

The editorial exposes the incompetence of our upper institutions of learning regarding their duty to properly prepare today’s teachers. It brings to light a situation that has been pushed under the rug and ignored.

As a grandparent I have had considerable exposure in witnessing a decline in the ability of today’s teachers, compared to those from the 1940s and ’50s. I have blamed the teachers themselves for their inability to maintain discipline in the classrooms in order to provide a positive learning environment. But how can they be

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SCHOOLS: Teacher education needs improvement

Bravo for your editorial on teacher education (TNT, 6-24). I have my master’s in education from a prestigious university. An “essay” question on one final examination was: “You are a high school principal. One morning you come to school to find a caricature of yourself drawn in soap on the school door. What do you do?”

My four word answer was, “I would erase it.” For this I earned an “A.”

That was many years ago, but I doubt things have changed much. At better universities, top students who might want to teach shy away from courses in education

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EDUCATION: Will more money get better results?

Re: “Schools get priority over state bridges” (TNT, 6-9).

So are these legislators guaranteeing that spending more money on our schools will give us better results? As I understand it, the U.S. spends more money per student than all other countries. But our students consistently underperform compared to the world’s students.

How about actually improving our kids education, not just blindly throwing more money at it.