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SHOOTINGS: Will more government help?

Re: “Far more can be done to prevent school shootings” (Viewpoint, 11-10).

Human services and public schools are the two largest line items in our state’s budget. The bureaucracy built into these two institutions creates incredible overhead without a tangible benefit for the children either group represents.

The University of Washington faculty member suggests that the solution to school violence is more big government: early intervention, monitoring children’s social media, school-based health centers, curricula that will help regulate the children’s emotions and more gun laws.

The recent McCleary court decision already faults our state for not fully funding education. If our

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GUNS: Bring back values of Greatest Generation

The Greatest Generation has been praised by all sections of society. Nevertheless, progressives never ask them for their opinion when selling their new age agenda. To them, the Greatest Generation is quaint, archaic and to be treated as invalids.

I was born in 1930, and my family fought in World War II in the Pacific with the Marines on Guadalcanal and the Navy off Okinawa. We never had students killing their classmates. We students were armed to the teeth with shotguns and rifles. Free dynamite was readily available to all students. Young males had the corny cowboy “Code of the

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SHOOTINGS: The media have no shame

A year ago, a mentally ill guy did the unthinkable and killed people at Sandy Hook Elementary School. The families who lost loved ones asked that the media not report on this and let them mourn in peace. But the opposite of that is happening.

Let the families have the space they deserve. If they want to talk to the media, I’m sure they would contact them. Why is that so hard for the media to understand? Why are paper sales and TV ad revenue more important to them than these families’ wishes? Today’s media have no shame and are

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