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SCHOOLS: Court rightly holds lawmakers accountable

I disagree with Richard S. Davis regarding the recent ruling by the Washington Supreme Court on school funding (column, 1-11).

State and federal governments operate under a system of checks and balances. The supreme court carried out its valid role in issuing its opinion that the Legislature has failed to adequately fund public schools. I think the court’s action provides needed publicity and support for what Davis describes as “adequacy lawsuits.”

This “cottage industry” he refers to includes parents as well as educators, economists and attorneys. Parents and their children are the biggest losers when state lawmakers fail to

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SCHOOLS: Higher tax isn’t the funding answer

The Washington Supreme Court has ruled that our state is not adequately funding basic education as outlined in the state constitution.

On the surface this sounds like a good thing, but our governor’s first response is to come right back by calling for an additional .5 cent sales tax to address this issue.

I propose we take another tack. The payroll of our education system is more than 50 percent non-teaching positions. Do we really need that many support and administrative positions? The education system has become bloated with mid-management and administrative positions, much like many corporations in our country.

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