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CLINTON: Attacks are part of politics, so get over it

Re: “GOP: Start acting like responsible adults” (letter, 5-27).

The writer laments that Republicans are not acting like adults with respect to their treatment of Hillary Clinton. Although he gave no actual examples, he did reference at one point a May 16 column by left-wing extremist Eugene Robinson; Robinson had lashed out at Karl Rove for suggesting that Clinton’s health might be a concern, in particular, a concussion she suffered that her husband Bill Clinton said took her six months to recover from.

This injury was soft-peddled to the American people, and I would suggest that a concussion taking

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‘DUCK DYNASTY': Star entitled to his opinions

Uh oh, the GQ interview with “Duck Dynasty” star Phil Robertson has struck a raw nerve or two (TNT, 12-20).

I wonder what people would expect a 67-year-old man to do when asked questions about homosexuality and race. He answered it to the best of his ability and spoke what he believed to be the truth. Although his comments are disturbing, they are his feelings. They aren’t mine, but he is certainly as entitled to his opinion as I am to mine.

The LGBT crowd wants his head. A&E has put him on hiatus. As disgusting as his comments

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MEDIA: Arrogant analysis of the Boston bombing

We now know who the murderers re who planted the bombs killing and injuring innocent people at the Boston Marathon. Until now we have been treated to the arrogant media – print and electronic – telling us that the culprits are most likely right-wingers who are angry at the government because of taxes (MSNBC). Or the fervent hope that the perp was a white man and not a Muslim (Slate).

Really? It reminds me of the instant analysis on ABC that the shooter at the Colorado movie theater might have ties with the tea party. Or that the shooting in

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POLITICS: Liberals should end malicious tactics

Some political events are easily explainable and profoundly indicative of malicious, offensive partisan behavior.
I cite two of many instances where two of America’s most honorable men were falsely maligned for partisan political purposes – with the overwhelming complicit support of the mass media.

• The “Borking” (a systematic defamation of a highly qualified nominee for the Supreme Court, led by the malicious slanders by Ted Kennedy behind the protections of the Senate floor) of the late Robert Bork.

• The “Borking” of Mitt Romney –one of the most decent, reputable, competent, experienced nominees ever for president – by

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GOP: Republicans need to stop rationalizing

It is interesting to read how some Republicans keep rationalizing their loss this election. “It was Romney’s fault” (although my respect for him grew in the debates), “It was Obama’s slanderous attacks,” “It was the media,” etc. etc.

They fail to recognize that a majority of Americans do not want a party in power that denigrates women, which is not willing to embrace an increasingly multicultural society, which is riddled with racism, which firmly set its policies to deny Barack Obama a second term, which kept questioning our president’s birth certificate, which does not want to look at the Bush

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GOP: TNT’s advice for Republicans amusing

Re: “State Republicans have a way back, if they want it” (editorial, 11-11).

Your advice to state Republicans on how to “come back” rang hollow as your newspaper is brimming with obvious praise for Democrats and Republican criticism with an occasional bone thrown to Republicans. For example, you endorsed Rob McKenna for governor. Even that sounds hollow when almost every word spilling off your pages supports a Democrat/Democrat lite view.

The thoughts that prompted the words were likely along the lines of: If only you Republicans would become more like us Democrats. If only you could understand that abortion

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ELECTION: Inslee’s green energy? No thanks

Jay Inslee promoted green energy while he was a congressman representing the people of Washington state (TNT, 10-11). Two have failed, Solyndra and Solar at Loveland, costing the taxpayers $570 million to date. A third one, SunPower is on the brink of going bankrupt.

I do not want him promoting green energy in Washington, where the taxpayer will have to pick this up also if it fails. Inslee also voted to ban our 120-year-old light bulb, which will cost homeowners a few hundred dollars to replace them with mercury-laden bulbs.

Sarah Palin was trashed by media everywhere for quitting

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POLITICS: Left-wing intimidation commonplace

Re: “Republicanpalooza: A guest list, please” (TNT, 6-26).

Mitt Romney recently held a retreat at a Utah ski resort with many of his big fund-raisers and political supporters. The guest list was not released to the press and The Washington Post objected. According to campaign finance laws, Romney does not have to release the identities of this “bundlers.”

The Post asked, “What is there to hide?” Romney has nothing to hide. He is protecting his big donors from intimidation by the Obama campaign.

Kimberley Strassel, a member of the Wall Street Journal editorial board, exposed an Obama campaign website that

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