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SANDY: We’re vulnerable to disaster, too

As we watch the devastation on the East Coast, we need to look at ourselves. We should wonder if these are the shoes we will wear when disaster strikes where we live.

Did you help when Katrina hit New Orleans? Will you help those in need in New York? Will we want help when a earthquake or tsunami hits the Northwest?

Pay this future bill by helping those in need today.


SANDY: Government’s useful at times

Is our government too big? You might think so when you listen to some political speeches. But In fact, we need big government despite its cost, for all those situations where the job is just too big, too messy or unlikely to produce profits.

One prominent example is the current East Coast flooding disaster which is all three of the above. Is Wall Street or a bank going to rush in to help those people whose homes and lives have been destroyed?

Private enterprise has its merits, but so does government. We must not forget that, especially when we’re preparing

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SANDY: Storm proves need for federal help

Though a citizen of Tacoma, I was raised in Philadelphia, spending summers at the Jersey shore. It breaks my heart to see the devastation there.

Watching President Obama and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie respond to this disaster demonstrates just how irrelevant Mitt Romney is now.

Romney and Paul Ryan disdain the very concept of federal assistance, which my friends and relatives in Jersey desperately need. Romney would break our public labor unions, eviscerate the Federal Emergency Management Agency and “privatize” emergency aid, throwing us to the mercy of corporate scalpers.

Incidentally, FEMA only has 7,000 full-time employees and regularly

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