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SANDY HOOK: Insanity precludes a motive

Re: “Police release Sandy Hook report” (TNT, 12-28).

So this, then, is the final account concerning one of the nation’s most “wrenching massacres.” The authorities tried doggedly to find a motive for the mass murder of 26 innocent souls, but were unable to do so.

When someone is undeniably insane, there most likely is no logical, predictable motive, right?
One just has to hope that person can’t easily lay hands on a murderous weapon.


SHOOTINGS: The media have no shame

A year ago, a mentally ill guy did the unthinkable and killed people at Sandy Hook Elementary School. The families who lost loved ones asked that the media not report on this and let them mourn in peace. But the opposite of that is happening.

Let the families have the space they deserve. If they want to talk to the media, I’m sure they would contact them. Why is that so hard for the media to understand? Why are paper sales and TV ad revenue more important to them than these families’ wishes? Today’s media have no shame and are

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GUNS: A common thread to our national insecurity

Background checks provide a false sense of security. America needs a universal foreground check.

Local violent shootings by a police chief, soldiers and citizens tell us that passing a background check does not predict the impossibility of future explosive gun violence. A foreground check tells us it is foreseeable that more disgruntled, alienated and agitated men will legally obtain guns for mass shootings.

Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., says our national security system failed in Benghazi and Boston, where a total of seven died. Our national security system also failed to foresee and prevent the killings of 33 at Virginia Tech,

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