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RON VIGNEC: Pastor Ron was there for us

Re: “‘Bishop of Salishan’ loved all of Tacoma” (TNT, 11-12).

I met Pastor Ron Vignec in 1991 after moving to Salishan in Tacoma. I was walking up the street and saw this man with white hair stopping a young boy and asking him if his mama was home.

Living a sheltered life, I thought I was looking at a pimp. I shook my head and kept walking. A couple weeks later our family went to the Salishan Eastside Lutheran MIssion. It blew my mind when I walked into the church and here was this “pimp” I saw on the

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TACOMA: Link route should serve East Side

Re: “Council chooses Hilltop for new Link” (TNT, 4-24).

From a geometric point of view, too many of the proposed routes are shaped like an S or a U and parallel existing Link track by blocks. I would think that newer ridership would come from a straight-line proposal that covers new area, integrates the huge Salishan development and East Pierce County, and has more land along its pathway for construction to keep costs down.

I drive down 13th Street from Hilltop to get on the freeway, and to have another track to cross in the downtown area could be

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SALISHAN: Development makes dreams come true

It was with great dismay and sorrow that I read the column by Kathleen Merryman (TNT, 7-27) regarding William Mount’s slanderous video, which depicted many untrue things about the Salishan Housing Development.

I would like to respond by saying what I see when I drive through or by the Salishan area. Our family has lived on Tacoma’s East Side for 27 years. The old Salishan housing area, while it housed many good families and people, was in dire need of being replaced.

Citizens from Salishan and around the community brainstormed, looked for ways to fund their dreams and today, each

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TACOMA: Pinegar was a dedicated public official

Avon Pinegar, who was buried Friday, exemplified all that a citizen can hope for in a public official or employee.

His dedication and concern for the benefit of the housing needs of this community through his position as director of the Tacoma Housing Authority and its foundation, which he established and directed until his death, should be known to all. His goal was to provide a decent home and environment for Tacomans on the lower rungs of the economic ladder.

He was appointed director of the THA when Salishan was the center of the city’s drug and crime problem and

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TACOMA: Improvements helpful to children

Each morning as I drive down Portland Avenue on my way to work, I am amazed at the transformation that continues to take place in the Salishan area. From 56th to 38th streets, everything on the east side of Portland is new (except for the Army Reserve building). It has been an amazing process to watch.

Proud residents move into new spaces as contractors move into the next section to build. And the new middle school fits right in with the revival.

I’ve been teaching school on Tacoma’s East Side and South End for 30 years. The Salishan stigma that

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