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ECONOMY: Revisit how we fund state needs

Education excellence and public safety must be at the top of our list as a state if we wish to compete not only with other states but also within an increasingly globalized world economy. Firing teachers, police officers and firefighters is not the way to build a 21st century economically competitive state.

The time for platitudes and budgetary gimmickry must give way to an open and honest discussion about what type of state we want to be going forward. States that have relied too heavily on real estate and sales tax funding models have been especially hard hit.

It is

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BUSES: Sales tax hike shouldn’t be permanent

Proposition 1 will allow Pierce Transit to survive the current economic climate without further punishing people who rely on public transportation. I support the proposition, but with an expiration date.

The desperately needed sales tax increase is the aftermath of mismanaged negotiations and relaxed oversight by past leadership. Now the burden is the sole responsibility of the taxpayer. Thankfully, it appears that Pierce County leaders have learned from past errors and are working to run a more efficient transportation sector.

My concern is that what happens when we return to a more typical economy? I believe the chance of total

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BUSES: Pierce Transit tax a costly ride for all

Why is Pierce Transit trying to raise the sales tax during a recession? If Proposition 1 passes, everyone will pay. We will have some of the highest sales taxes in the state.

This could lead to unintended consequences. Auto dealers could see folks purchase cars elsewhere, businesses could experience sales drops and the financially fragile would pay the same increase as other folks.

Pierce Transit says the proposed increase is only 3 cents on a $10 purchase. This could average $80 or more annually, yet Pierce Transit is holding millions in cash reserves, according to its 2012 budget. Pierce Transit

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BUSES: Proposition 1 unfair to the public

As a graduate of the Tacoma School of the Arts, I understand the importance of Pierce Transit. I rode the bus every day for three years.

The bus system is an essential part of life for thousands of Tacoma residents, especially for low-income families who rely on buses exclusively for travel to and from work. These people rely on the transit system to earn a living, which is why I am appalled at the situation we’re currently facing with Proposition 1.

In 2011, The News Tribune reported the salaries of Pierce Transit employees as a matter of public record. Twenty

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BUSES: Missing facts about transit tax

Facts are missing from The News Tribune endorsement on Pierce Transit Proposition 1 (editorial, 10-7).

This tax is a permanent sales tax increase for a temporary problem and would create in Tacoma the highest sales tax rate on the West Coast. Have people considered what this will mean to the car dealers and other businesses in our area?

Having the highest sales tax (10.1 percent), how many will buy elsewhere in a below 8 percent sales tax area? The savings on a vehicle could be $500 to $1,000 per purchase. The City of Tacoma is counting on future sales

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ELECTION: Don’t believe anti-union propaganda

Re: Pierce Transit Proposition 1.

Pierce Transit employees do not have “Cadillac insurance.” We have two choices: Group Health and Regence. We have a deductible, co-pays and a monthly premium, just like any other Pierce County resident who has a job that provides health insurance.

The only difference is we have a “high experience rating.” When Pierce Transit goes out yearly to get medical insurance, it is faced with the fact that the employees at Pierce Transit have a high usage of the medical insurance, therefore the rates offered are very high from the insurance brokers.

You cannot believe the

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TAXES: Sales tax is regressive, unpredictable

Re: “Income tax more equitable” (letter, 1-26).

I agree with the letter writer about an income tax for Washington residents. I would add one requirement, however: that the sales tax be eliminated totally.

The sales tax has a number of flaws. It is discretionary, it reduces purchasing power, it is unpredictable and regressive.

A graduated income tax that would replace the sales tax would provide a far more stable base from which to budget and would be much fairer than the current system.


BUDGET: State is most tax-burdened in country

As our state legislation convenes for a “cuts only” effort to balance the biennial budget, the most vulnerable residents of our state will continue to pay a disproportionate percentage of the tax burden.

Washington is already the 35th most disproportionate tax-burdened state in the nation. Governor Gregoire’s suggested increased sales tax would further burden our struggling populations.

The “cuts only” budget does not bat an eye when millions of dollars are granted for Wall Street banks, private jets, trade show display items, cosmetic surgery, and other glaring loop holes. However, the magnifying glass is used to scrape every possible cent

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