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TAXES: Lower sales tax and tax income

I think we need to get rid of the sales tax or at least lower it below 5 percent, including all the various county add-on sales tax. Replace it with a state income tax.

Taxes must be raised, not only for education but for infrastructure. You can’t drive a straight line in Tacoma or Seattle because of the potholes. The Republican/Tim Eyman model of less and less tax is turning Washington into a third-rate state. Apparently these people don’t get out of the house or drive much.

In addition there needs to be a public education program that tells the

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TRANSIT: Consumers can vote with their wallets

Last fall, we had the option to support Pierce Transit with .03 percent sales tax increase, which I supported. Many car dealerships came out against Proposition 1 and made financial contributions to the opposition campaign. Their stance was that with the increase, potential customers would shop at dealers where the sales tax rate is lower.

As one who believes I can also vote with my wallet, I checked the state Public Disclosure Commission’s website to see which dealers made contributions. Now that I’m in the market for a new truck, those that decided to make their political views public and

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BUSES: Enough is enough; no more tax requests

Re: “Pierce Transit must regroup, rethink after Prop. 1 defeat” (editorial, 11-18).

The editorial finally provided a more balanced presentation of the pros and cons surrounding the proposed transit tax increase. Prior to this, the paper had frequently repeated Pierce Transit’s threatened “dire” consequences if the tax increase failed, without commenting on the other side of the issue.

Unfortunately, now The News Tribune is calling for yet another attempt to increase this tax. The rationale is that the transit tax was defeated by a slim majority and the transit board could tip the scales by including a sunset provisison

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BUSES: Pierce Transit using deceit to get tax

Pierce Transit is showing how deceitful it can be by offering Pierce County Proposition 1 to only certain Pierce County voters.

After voters rejected a sales tax increase for Pierce Transit in 2011, the agency defined a very narrow “service” area along its routes and along the very narrow retail corridors in parts of Pierce County. Only those individuals who reside within these arbitrarily defined areas are allowed to vote on the sales tax increase of Prop. 1.

Many people who use the retailers within those narrow boundaries do not reside within them and are therefore disqualified from voting on

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BUSES: Proposition 1 is bad for transit riders

Pierce Transit Proposition 1 is another example of bloated, union-dominated government monopolies holding the public hostage.

Rather than negotiating with unions, Pierce Transit has created an impossible situation: Vote it down, and it cuts service, disabling thousands of those dependent on transit. Vote it in and the Pierce County sales tax becomes the highest on the West Coast, driving out retail income. It’s a “Heads, you lose. Tails, I win.” scenario.

Rather than pitting transit riders against the business community, Pierce Transit needs to reduce waste and renegotiate.



BUSES: Fund county, not Pierce Transit

Pierce County is looking at cutting the budget for the sheriff’s department and corrections. The Pierce County Library System is cutting $3 million from its budget, a large portion coming from reducing purchases of books, DVDs and CDs. Community Connections and parks are both taking cuts.

A temporary, two-year .03 percent sales tax would generate a 10 percent increase annually in the county’s general fund. This would allow for fuller funding of services that would benefit the entire county.

Is our money better spent on a variety of county services that impact more people in the or long-term commitments to

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BUSES: Service is literally a lifeline for many

I am a staunch Republican who knows having the government take my money at the point of a gun and calling it taxes is wrong most of the time. Pierce Transit Proposition 1 is one of the few good taxes there are now.

There is more at stake with this vital service that is the literal difference between life and death for many of our sick, elderly and disabled friends, relatives, neighbors and veterans. There is the ability for young, disadvantaged, displaced and laid-off people to get to school and look for and get to work.

Do we want to

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BUSES: It’s a matter of charity, not taxes

Regarding Pierce Transit Proposition 1, the transportation (bus) proposal: If approved, this measure will increase the sales tax by 30 cents for each $100 spent on taxable items. Is this really all that much? It is for big-ticket items, but these are usually paid in installments, not all at once.

Consider the result if Prop. 1 fails. This would be devastating for people who rely on the bus system for transportation to work, to church, to grocery stores, to weekend events, to evening entertainment, and to human services from doctors to food banks.

I, for one, consider the small tax

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