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TACOMA: Project adds to Proctor parking problem

Re: “Grocery backs away from paid Proctor parking” (TNT, 2-7).

Kudos to Proctor Safeway for trying to come up with a solution to assure parking for its customers. I have watched with frustration as folks park in Safeway’s lot and wander off to shop elsewhere while those looking to shop at Safeway cannot find parking.

Parking has long been a problem in Proctor and will only be worsened by Proctor Station. Bill Evans is being deceptive when claiming that completion of the project will add 34 parking spaces.

He neglected to note that the project took away parking for 20

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LIQUOR: Mom-and-pop stores are suffering the hangover

Re: “The liquor store hangover” (TNT, 12-9).

The front-page article depicts the hangover the state of Washington, Safeway, Walmart, etc., along with the liquor distributors, have inflicted on the mom-and-pop liquor retail business.

Granted the new owners should have known about all the fees associated with buying into this business of liquor sales, but that alone is no excuse for the crippling taxes laid on those who don’t have the resources big retailers enjoy. The article notes that Oregon is reaping substantially from our state’s overly regressive and oppressive tax system on booze.

Putting the squeeze on the mom-and-pop

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SAFEWAY: Proctor remodel lived up to challenge

When Safeway announced plans to exand their North Proctor Street Store, a windowless block wall abutting the Proctor Street sidewalk was proposed. Dan Voelpel’s newspaper article followed expressing the Proctor Districts concerns (TNT, 9-20-2007). My letter to the editor was also published, encouraging Safeway to develop a first-class store.

Safeway has responded to the challenge, building a store that enhances the neighborhood and provides customers with a joyful shopping experience. It’s worth a visit.