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TACOMA: Children still being left alone in cars

Incredulous. That was the only word that could describe the scene I witnessed today in Tacoma, as a young man left his car running, small child strapped into a child’s seat in the car’s back seat, and ran into a store to return an item.

While he was gone mere seconds – insufficient time for me to even dial 911 on my cell phone – someone easily could have just hopped into the car and sped off, child in tow.

What is behind someone doing this? Is it arrogance? A sense of invulnerability? Or, mere stupidity? Whatever – it is

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SAFETY: Too many runners are hard to see

Several times as I am driving home in the dark, I have noticed runners dressed in dark clothing. I could hardly make them out and think to myself, “What if they get hit?”

I do notice people running with fluorescent green jackets on that can be easily seen. Some have an orange or green strip across the back of their jacket. More often then not I see a lot more people – kids and adults – out in dark clothing.

It would be easier for us drivers and safer for the runners to wear something that could be seen easier

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SAFETY: Darkness is dangerous

This morning, driving down the East L Street hill toward Puyallup Avenue and Interstate 5 on-ramps, I nearly had a tragedy.

Two young boys were horsing around on the slim shoulder of the road. My headlights illuminated the road ahead of me but not off to my side. I only saw a little motion that caught my eye. Had these boys not been flailing around, I’d never have seen them. Had I been maybe six inches to my right, I may have struck them.

They were dressed in black or navy hooded jackets and dark pants. What parents

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