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ORTING: Citizen patrol taking the wrong path

Re: “Citizen patrol says it will ‘never let up’” (TNT, 4-17).

I am concerned that a group of six citizens in Orting have taken it upon themselves to work without the police to address Michael Compton’s murder and other crime issues.

Through a process that they alone designed, this group has determined that young criminals are at fault. Kacie Nesby of Opportunity Center of Orting is rightly concerned that targeting youth could provoke violence out of fear or anger.

We at Safe Streets know that proven organizing practices where resident patrols do not carry weapons and who document and

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POT: What about the downside of legal marijuana?

I commend The News Tribune for publishing a picture on Page 1 (TNT, 2-22) of Jason Gutz of Safe Streets. He spoke before the Washington State Liquor Control Board about kids’ safety with the coming legal production and sale of marijuana.

It was ironic that the headline above the photo and story read, “Pot retailers, enthusiasts speak to board about I-502.” I got the impression from the photo caption that Gutz might not have been the most enthusiastic person addressing the board last week.

I was disappointed that the article did not contain any details about Gutz and his

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NORM DICKS: Streets safer, thanks to congressman

Congressman Norm Dicks has been a fantastic leader for our region. We of the prevention and community safety world want to acknowledge him, as well.

In 1989, Dicks responded to the call of law enforcement leaders and Safe Streets to bring together federal agencies to organize efforts to reduce and prevent the extreme proliferation of gangs. With his leadership for criminal justice and prevention funding, residents were able to take back their neighborhoods, rid downtown Tacoma of street drug dealing and make schools safer.

In 2009, when gangs had re-emerged, Dicks sponsored a special appropriation to fund a gang prosecutor,

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TACOMA: Safe Streets loses a star

Safe Streets lost a star this week with the letting go of Moni Hoy. The quiet-spirited Moni Hoy has labored over the years behind the scenes of Tacoma’s worst neighborhoods to make them safer places to live in.

Moni has worked hard and long hours into the night meeting various neighborhood groups and helping them deal with their issues. Often Moni did not see eye to eye with his employer, but nobody can doubt or accuse Moni of not having the neighborhoods’ best interest at heart.

While many seek the limelight, Moni worked quietly in the shadows to bring change.

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