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TACOMA: Paid leave action is anti-business

I have run a small business in Tacoma for almost 40 years. This sitting City Council is the only council in all those years that I would classify as anti-business.

It has, by admission of Councilmen Ryan Mello and Anders Ibsen, been working on a paid leave ordinance for more than two years. The small business community was apprised of the ordinance in November.

There has been a litany of anecdotal testimony before the council by citizens commiserating over the abuses by Fred Meyer, McDonald’s and Wal-Mart while exhorting the council to pass a generous paid leave ordinance. They apparently must think all

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TACOMA: Don’t mandate paid sick leave

Re: “Tacoma to consider paid leave requirement” (TNT, 12-6).

Without having been a business owner, I’m against the City Council contemplating forcing businesses to provide paid sick leave to its employees. Its unfortunate that the City Council believes that mandating benefits falls under its purview.

The innocuous proposal would start out at three days, but Councilman Ryan Mello is on record as believing more days should be mandated so that a parent could stay at home and care for a sick child. However, Mello doesn’t specify what would be an adequate number of days and therein lies the problem.


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ELECTION: Flemming better understands Tacoma issues

As a longtime Tacoma resident who grew up in Gig Harbor, I strongly support re-electing Stan Flemming to the Pierce County Council. I would like to join Tacoma leaders such as Tim Farrell, Karen Vialle, Ryan Mello, Victoria Woodards, David Boe, Tacoma Police Union #6 and others in supporting the best candidate.

In this era of partisan gridlock and lack of progress in government, it is imperative we elect officials who care more about problem solving than politically driven opportunism. Flemming’s opponent has defined his candidacy in past mailers by partisan politics and blame and does not have a coherent

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TACOMA: Reject ridiculous salary increases

Re: “Council to vote on $4.9 million in pay hikes” (TNT, 5-7).

As a retired Tacoma schoolteacher living on a very small fixed income, I was appalled to read the proposed rate hikes for 400 Tacoma Public Utilities employees. They call it “market-driven rate adjustments.” I call it ridiculous.

Utilities director Bill Gaines’ salary will go from $310,000 to $366,000 – an 18 percent hike! Gaines is making almost as much as President Obama. No wonder our rates continue to increase while our services decrease.

I will be disgusted if this proposal is passed by our City Council. I

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