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TACOMA: Water view is wasted on multiplex

Re: “Work begins on movie theater at Point Ruston” (TNT, 3-29).

I am appalled that anyone with any brains would have allowed a structure of this size, and a movie theater, to be built on the water side of Ruston Way. Who approved that, and what were they thinking?

The views afforded by this area should be for residential or restaurants, or anything that would have windows and view the incredible Puget Sound that we are so fortunate to have.

On that same note, I walked the area of new homes at Stack Hill recently, and I cannot believe

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TACOMA: Utilities will hike rates if taxed more

Re: “Tacomans support utility tax for road repair” (TNT, 7-30).

The article on taxing utilities shows some very misleading survey questions. It almost appears that this 2 percent tax is free money.

Here are some facts. Tacoma Public Utilities’ rate model is “cost of service.” If its cost increases 2 percent, so will the rates.

More than half of Tacoma Public Utilities’ customers are outside the Tacoma city limits, and these folks don’t even get to vote on this measure. Is that even constitutional? Taxed but not represented. Seems we once fought a revolution over that.

My rates may

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POINT DEFIANCE: Grant would enhance public access

Point Defiance is a great destination to visit in the South Sound region. It has the park, the zoo and aquarium, recreational opportunities and a magnificent view of all the natural surroundings. But it’s missing a critical component: improved public access.

Currently three projects are proposed for this area: the development of Peninsula Park (by the Tacoma Yacht Club), a link between Peninsula Park and Point Defiance, and construction of a boardwalk alongside an estuary restoration project. If funded, these projects will allow public access to the waterside, link the park from the city’s downtown and restore marine habitat.


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PUYALLUP: Don’t let bridge go way of the tunnel

After nearly 100 years, the Ruston Way tunnel closed for demolition. Yet it still could have served a purpose as part of a network of bicycle and pedestrian trails across Pierce County.

That opportunity has passed, but another awaits: the Meridian Street Bridge (Highway 167) in Puyallup. The state Department of Transportation has fast-tracked replacement of this 1925 bridge, once the longest and biggest single-riveted span in the state, in the next five years.

As the last Turner-class bridge in America, it is deserving of a fate better than that of the tunnel, buried as a footnote in history.


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