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TACOMA: Water view is wasted on multiplex

Re: “Work begins on movie theater at Point Ruston” (TNT, 3-29).

I am appalled that anyone with any brains would have allowed a structure of this size, and a movie theater, to be built on the water side of Ruston Way. Who approved that, and what were they thinking?

The views afforded by this area should be for residential or restaurants, or anything that would have windows and view the incredible Puget Sound that we are so fortunate to have.

On that same note, I walked the area of new homes at Stack Hill recently, and I cannot believe

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TACOMA: Ruston Way warrants more landscaping

Its that time of year to visit Ruston Way on a sunny day and enjoy the beautiful fall colors of the large trees bordering the public walkway. Ruston Way’s water side is a showplace and continues to be improved by the city, park district and private developers.

The railroad track side of Ruston Way is a different story. Beginning at the McCarver Street intersection with Ruston Way and continuing northerly along the track side of Ruston Way there exists unmaintained and unlandscaped areas.

After more that 30 years of improving this public waterfront parkway, the city, park district and railroad

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TACOMA: Get moving and fix the ‘weakest link’

Sunday’s Downtown to Defiance “bike, walk, run, roll” event was great despite the drizzle. I’d not seen a 10-person bike before; the mayor seemed to be doing most of the pedaling. Nice work, Mayor Strickland!

The occasion merits celebration as an interim connection from the Point Ruston Waterwalk to Point Defiance Park closes the waterfront’s “missing link.” Few cities boast miles of waterfront sprinkled with museums, marinas, parks and restaurants – certainly not ending in a 700-acre, old-growth-forested peninsula with zoo, aquarium, beaches, gardens and trails.

However, work is necessary before we should be satisfied. Schuster Parkway signage warns bicycles

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TACOMA: Connect city and Ruston Way

Despite the unfortunate weather, Tacoma deserves congratulations for Sunday’s Downtown to Defiance walk/run/roll/bike event (TNT, 9-23). It was an enjoyable event attracting people, and especially families, to the waterfront.

The arrangements for separating the participants from traffic were well-planned and effective. People were exposed to, and impressed by, the temporary connector from Point Ruston to Point Defiance; most importantly, it provided a demonstration of how valuable a proper pedestrian/bicycle connection between Dock Street and Ruston Way could be in enhancing our city.

Would it be possible to repeat the traffic reroute that converted the portion of Schuster Parkway roadway

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TACOMA: Waterfront flowers cut from budget

I am a daily runner and find myself on the waterfront 4-5 days a week, and have for many years. I have always loved the natural beauty and view along the esplanade that runs the four miles along Ruston Way. It is a unique slice of the area we inhabit, and is beautiful year round.

During the spring and summer it comes alive with hanging baskets of beautiful annuals, and in some areas, gardens of shade annuals, begonias and impatiens. Well, that was until 2013.

I noticed on my run this morning that no baskets are up yet, so I

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TACOMA: Why spend on Ruston Way project?

On our morning walk along the Ruston Way waterfront Friday we saw a sign announcing a proposed $4 million project ($3 million provided by the City of Tacoma and $1 million by the Federal Emergency Management Agency).

If the city is having difficulty balancing its budget, how can it afford this expense? If the money is available, but can only be used for construction, why not use the $3 million to repair the Old Town Dock, which has been closed to the public for several years, or some other badly needed construction project (like filling potholes)?

What is the purpose

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PUYALLUP: Don’t let bridge go way of the tunnel

After nearly 100 years, the Ruston Way tunnel closed for demolition. Yet it still could have served a purpose as part of a network of bicycle and pedestrian trails across Pierce County.

That opportunity has passed, but another awaits: the Meridian Street Bridge (Highway 167) in Puyallup. The state Department of Transportation has fast-tracked replacement of this 1925 bridge, once the longest and biggest single-riveted span in the state, in the next five years.

As the last Turner-class bridge in America, it is deserving of a fate better than that of the tunnel, buried as a footnote in history.


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TACOMA: Walkway needs a master plan

There are a lot of things that we can be thankful for as individuals. But as a city we can be thankful for the hard work of many people and agencies that had the foresight over the years to put together the different parcels of land along Tacoma’s waterfront called Ruston Way.

Their hard work has paid off. It is one of Tacoma’s finest jewels.

Now what is needed is that same determination to see their dream of a waterfront park/walkway from Point Defiance to the Tacoma Dome. The part of shoreline walkway from Old Town to the Dome and

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