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RUSSIA: Little wonder Putin feels threatened

Re: “Firm response to Putin now could avert worse later” (editorial, 6-24).

Although Russian President Vladimir Putin is not to be trusted, it is understandable that he and Russia experience threat due to the ever eastward expansion of NATO.

When the Berlin Wall came down in 1989, West Germany’s foreign minister assured Mikhail Gorbachev that NATO would not take advantage and expand ever more eastward. This assurance gave Gorbachev the ability to reunify Germany and delete the Iron Curtain.

Since then, NATO has come ever closer to the Russian borders and its security zone, with the result of Putin

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RUSSIA: No real need to gather evidence

I’m both amused and a little disturbed by the fixation of Western governments to have access to the Ukrainian shoot-down site of the Malaysian commercial airliner.

Experts want access to the site, but what will they find? The airliner was shot down at 35,000 feet. There are only two nations that produce systems that can do this, and the United States does not have ground-to-air missiles in Ukraine.

While it might be nice to have solid evidence of Russian involvement, the world knows what happened and who supplied the technology.

The Russian government and its leaders cannot be allowed to

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RUSSIA: Don’t boycott World Cup

Russia has been awarded the right to host the FIFA World Cup Championships in 2018. I plan to be there. I consider myself the No. 1 professional soccer fan in Washington state, perhaps the whole West Coast.

So when I hear talk of boycotting that event, it distresses me. The thing that comes into play is risk versus reward, and if somebody told me that Vladimir Putin decided to send a missile, and destroy the commercial plane I was on, and my body would lie in a field for a week, rotting, while the locals stole my gold Rolex and

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RUSSIA: Obama sends the wrong message

President Obama has called Russia “a regional power” and said that it is “acting out of weakness.”

Those statements do the opposite, psychologically, from what Vladimir Putin and Russia need to hear, and world peace requires. They impel Putin and Russia to actions that say: “No! We are not small or weak, and here is your proof!”

What should be said, in front of the United Nations, is: “Russia is great and strong, and needs no other lands to be powerful. She is already the largest nation on Earth. Her future of glory lies in new directions.”

Russia and Putin

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UKRAINE: What’s needed is US miitary backing

The old adage, “Don’t believe everything you read,” is more important to follow than ever before.

After Russian troops invaded Crimea, President Vladimir Putin told us that the troops could not have been Russian even though they had unidentified Russian uniforms and carried Russian guns. Now Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov calls Russia’s invasion “the historic decision about the reunification of Crimea with Russia.”

How many more whoppers are we going to swallow? Russian politicians are masters of twisting truth. Their slippery rhetoric aims to pacify a distracted world while they continue doing exactly what they want, which, at the

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UKRAINE: What did we expect would happen?

What did we expect the consequences would be after our diplomats and politicians encouraged the demonstrators on the streets of Kiev? Were we trying to provoke Russia? If so we were successful, but now what do we do?

Don’t we have more important issues domestically and internationally than involving ourselves in the affairs of a country that was not a threat to America?


IRELAND: Why isn’t US calling out British occupation?

St. Patrick’s Day is upon us, and “Irish” everywhere will be celebrating and wearing green. The island of Ireland still suffers from the continuing British occupation of Ireland’s six northern counties, and now the Ukraine suffers as the Russians slice off the Crimea and claim it as its own

It seems to me that the United States, in its hypocrisy, is ignoring the actions of “our closest ally” in regard to Ireland. We want to force the Russians to leave the Crimea, yet we do nothing to evict the British from a land where they have no business. And the

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RUSSIA: US businesses shouldn’t shill for Putin

It is obvious from his actions in Ukraine that Russian President Vladimir Putin is just a paranoid neo-communist.

NBC News reports that U.S. firms are employed by the Russian government to prop up its image. Among these are Ketchum, a public relations company; Alston & Bird, a law firm; and Maslansky and Partners, which specializes in tweaking language for the most favorable impression.

If these firms do not on their own choose morality over money, a boycott by new and existing clients would be in order. Russia is not the only government to employ image polishers, but egregious actions should

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