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TACOMA: Former Russell HQ is an impressive building

I read with interest your article on State Farm as a potential occupant of the building that formerly housed Russell Investments in downtown Tacoma (TNT, 1-21).

As one who has worked down the street from that magnificent building for years, I appreciate its grandeur daily. What an entrance with its stairs and its fountain wall. From across the Foss Waterway one can see how stunning it looks in our city skyline. I’ve photographed it in the morning with sunlight splashing on its glass.

Yes, the building is Class A space with large square footage. Other buildings have those technical

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TACOMA: Headquarters’ losses really hurt

Thanks to columnist Bill Virgin for his excellent piece on public companies abandoning Tacoma (column, 7-31).

More than public companies, it is the loss of headquarters that hurts. When a headquarters firm is acquired by out of town interests, our economy suffers. Acquisition of Russell Investments by Northwestern Mutual is the most recent example, but there are many others.

To bring it really into focus, does anyone really think Tacoma is better off with The News Tribune being owned by McClatchy Newspapers of Sacramento? McClatchy is a fine company, but the loss of the old Tribune Publishing Co. headquarters

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RUSSELL: Move harmful to workers, environment

Re: “‘Our quality of life is sure to suffer’” (TNT, 9-1).

In this day of increasing energy costs and the potential disaster of global heating, I am saddened by Russell Investment’s move to Seattle, for the sake of its employees, Tacoma and the earth itself.

Had the company stayed, its employees would have continued to take advantage of the extensive citywide and regional transportation infrastructure. There is free parking at the Tacoma Dome Station and free light rail to many downtown buildings. Chic and trendy as Seattle may be, it is still a long, grueling car, bus or train ride

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