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CHARTERS: Be wary of those bearing gifts

“Tacoma is on track to become the charter school capital of Washington,” according to an article in The News Tribune (1-30.)

What the Charter School Commission proposes is that our tax dollars go towards privately run enterprises known as charter schools with a learning track record on or below par to what public schools provide.

Just a little research will provide troves of information on the co-opting of our schools into organizations run by corporations. Look at the huge amount of tax dollars provided for public education: $13 billion statewide and $600 billion nationwide. Ask yourself whether or not

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MEDIA: Get lowdown on the Murdoch way

Rupert Murdoch and his son James, the tycoons who own British tabloids and Fox News, will be appearing next Tuesday in front of a committee of the British House of Commons about the phone-tapping scandal by their newspapers.

It is about time that the Murdochs answered for their poison press tactics that have changed the political discussion in Britain and our country. Phone hacking, bribes and the distortion of news seem to be the Murdoch way. And now the FBI is investigating whether News Corp. hacked into 9/11 victims’ cell phones.

Its about time that we learned what the Murdochs

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ATTACKS ON OBAMA: Who pays Glenn Beck and Karl Rove?

Let’s pin this down further. Newt Gingrich, Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity all work, in some capacity for Fox News.

Fox News is owned by Rupert Murdoch, a wealthy man who is not an American citizen. That is a fact. So a bunch of Republican politicians who appear on camera are paid by a foreign corporation owned by a foreigner.

The Chamber of Commerce also employs as lobbyists many of these same people. Now, if the Chamber isn’t accepting money from foreign corporations, or those American corporations who are shipping jobs overseas, why not fully disclose where

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