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TRANSIT: South Sound needs strong advocates

The celebratory parade for the Seattle Seahawks Wednesday showed how lacking public transportation is in the South Sound.

We arrived early for the Sounder train, and it was already over capacity. The lines for the Sounder buses were exceedingly long.

We drove to Sea-Tac and parked at a commercial lot. The lines for the Link light rail were unbelievable. The line snaked across the sky bridge and wound all through the airport parking garage to the other side. A man went to the front and asked people how long they had been waiting. It was over two hours.

The other

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TRANSIT: Don’t tear up Stadium Way again

I attended the Sound Transit meeting concerning the proposed six new routes for Link light rail in Tacoma.

To my surprise, three of the six proposals used Stadium Way, now under complete reconstruction at a cost of more than $13 million. I am certain when finished it will be the finest, most up-to-date street in Tacoma.

If one of the three Stadium Way routes is picked, Sound Transit will move in and tear up our street with rails and overhead wires down the center. This should not happen.

My solution is for Sound Transit to give the $50 million of

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FEES: Big government is ripping us off

I renewed my license tabs for my car and motor home, and I’m tired of the added fees. There was $272 for the Regional Transit Authority (Sound Transit), which is a poorly managed money hole, and $75 for a weight-based fee to support rail.

First, I live in Spanaway, and RTA won’t operate past Lakewood. So, essentially, my fees subsidize other people. My RV does not ride any rails, so why am I subsidizing them?

I am not rich, but I do give an average of $100 a month to children’s, animal welfare and wounded service member charities. Greed is

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