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OIL: Seattle mayor and ‘kayaktivists’ are hypocritical

Re: Seattle’s Murray joins fight against drilling rigs” (TNT, 5-8).

I find the article about the “kayaktivists” laughable. It’s good to see that there are reasons the kayakers can use to load up their kayaks onto their SUVs and ply the waters. Unfortunately their message, as well as Seattle Mayor Ed Murray, reeks of hypocrisy.

To deny Royal Dutch Shell its legal right to dock a few drilling ships, and to attack Foss Marine by badgering the Port of Seattle into reconsidering Foss’ lease, is disregard for the law of lease and reeks of anarchy.

While alternative energy has

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OIL: Drilling company has terrible track record

Re: “Arctic oil drilling looks increasingly risky” (editorial, 1-22).

Excellent editorial. I might add that since 1956, Royal Dutch Shell has also had problems in Nigeria. Nigeria is one of the richest countries in Africa, and it sold its soul to Royal Dutch Shell years ago. Instead of saving and reusing the vented gas, it has continued to waste it and pollute Nigeria’s air, land and rivers. It’s tough to breathe, nothing grows in the soil and forget fishing in the toxic soup.

So I can only imagine a horrific, catastrophic blowout in the Arctic. Forget containment or cleanup.

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