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PORT: Writer implies union-busting is good

Re: “Demand action at the federal level” (letter, 12-20).

The writer demands the feds step in between the longshoremen and the Pacific Maritime Association.

This is not a Washington issue but a West Coast issue. Washington is not in serious danger of losing out to the Gulf or East Coast ports. The logistics aren’t plausible, and our produce industry is not in danger of losing out to anyone.

The firing of air traffic controllers by President Reagan was a union-busting scheme that gave states the go-ahead to break unions, deny a decent living wage, and institute right-to-work laws that keep

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BENGHAZI: Blame-gamers have selective memories

Do my Republican friends blame Ronald Reagan for the deaths of 200-plus Marines in Lebanon?

Do they blame George W. Bush for the 3,000-plus deaths on Sept. 11, 2001?

They do blame the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi on President Obama.

These deaths can be blamed on failure of the intelligence community and a dedicated and trusting ambassador who ventured into a hostile location without adequate security.


CLINTON: Attacks are part of politics, so get over it

Re: “GOP: Start acting like responsible adults” (letter, 5-27).

The writer laments that Republicans are not acting like adults with respect to their treatment of Hillary Clinton. Although he gave no actual examples, he did reference at one point a May 16 column by left-wing extremist Eugene Robinson; Robinson had lashed out at Karl Rove for suggesting that Clinton’s health might be a concern, in particular, a concussion she suffered that her husband Bill Clinton said took her six months to recover from.

This injury was soft-peddled to the American people, and I would suggest that a concussion taking

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MILITARY: Obama’s cuts weaken US defense

It’s not surprising that President Obama’s 2015 budget proposal guts the military. The Democrats have a reputation of being weak on national defense. Have the threats around the world decreased?

Obama is proposing to cut the Army from 522,000 to around 440,000 and reduce benefits for service members and their families. It’s unconscionable that he would make this proposal while we are still at war. Soldiers are coming home with missing limbs and PTSD. Does Obama really appreciate the sacrifices of the military and their families?

Military benefits compensate members for low pay, help maintain an all volunteer force and

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OBAMA: Criticism of vacation out of bounds

At a time when his country is in such grave financial condition, should the president be flying around the country and playing so much golf?

I didn’t vote for him in 2008 or 2012, and I disagree with many of his programs, but for crying out loud the man is entitled to do what he wants with the little leisure time he has. Ronald Reagan liked to cut brush and George W. Bush put a lot of miles on his bicycle to burn off stress.

People want to see their presidents and like to know about their hobbies, and I

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GOP: Tea party is destroying Republican Party

The art of politics has historically been defined as the art of compromise. The tea party apparently has a religious aversion to the word. Those such as Richard Lugar (a fine politician) who actually practiced compromise lost in a primary; the tea party doesn’t want them.

Now come issues such as the sequester. It doesn’t matter that it harms the country. The tea party doesn’t believe it. They believe taxes of any kind are a sin. To read Paul Ryan’s budget proposal with its draconian cuts to Medicare is shocking.

I guess they believe old people are disposable, no matter

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ELECTION: Republican record is revealing

With the coming election, we are facing a decisive moment in our history. I’m concerned because I am convinced that most of the voters who will determine the fate of all of us are politically illiterate. Many also lack historical perspective.

They don’t realize that the Republicans have had control of our government three times since the Civil War – and all three times have been disastrous.

The first was during the 19th century and gave us sweatshops, low wages, child labor and the blatant selling of the office of U.S. senator to the highest bidder.

The second was during

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OBAMA: Presidents deserve some free time, too

I didn’t vote for Barack Obama in 2008, and I do not plan to vote for him in November because I do not think that he has a realistic plan to turn our economy around, and his approach to foreign policy is weak and misguided.

Having said that, I flamed angry when I heard Sean Hannity taking him to task for taking vacation time and spending time playing golf and basketball.

Ronald Reagan and George Bush spent a lot of well-deserved time cutting brush and doing other work on their ranches to relax and replenish, and Bush logged in many

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