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GOP: Ron Paul is impeding Republican progress

I wish somebody could explain to me why Ron Paul identifies as a Republican. Can’t he compete on his own as an independent? Why do his supporters continually torpedo the mainstream Republican caucuses?

There’s no way Paul can win the GOP nomination. Why, then, does his group continue to impede the progress of the Republican Party in our state? From what I’ve witnessed so far, the Paul supporters are the most obnoxious, disruptive and rude people at a caucus.

My personal opinion is that they must be trying to re-elect Barack Obama, or they’re all Occupy members in disguise. Either

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IRAN: Politicians being needlessly alarmist

Historian Barbara Tuchman observed: “Confronted with menace, or what is perceived as menace, governments will usually attempt to smash it, rarely to examine it, understand it, define it.”

And so, Israeli officials publicly urge the U.S. to launch a war on Iran to prevent its possible development of a nuclear bomb. If the U.S. will not commit itself to doing this, Israel threatens to, itself, launch an attack.

Republican candidates for president, excluding Ron Paul, have publicly expressed their individual willingness, if elected, to do as Israel is urging. Romney, in obeisance to Israel, has even promised that Jerusalem will

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GOP: Religion and the election

Rick Santorum must have slept through his constitutional law class. Separation between church and state is one of the hallmarks of the U.S. that made this country great. Just observe the many punitive theocracies that exist in the world.

Santorum clearly doesn’t respect the separation between church and state, and his ultra-conservative views on contraception, abortion and gay people and his disdain for higher education make it surprising that Romney didn’t eke out bigger leads against him in the Super Tuesday results.

The race continues. Observers on either side simply can’t look away. Barbara Bush (senior) remarked that the race

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LIMBAUGH: Republicans lack courage to speak up

Rush Limbaugh’s vile and perverse attack on Sandra Fluke says much more about the current Republican Party than it does about Limbaugh. Revolting, yes, but it’s no real shock that Limbaugh would quite happily pervert a serious, women’s health issue into a sex-for-money argument.

What is shocking is the abject lack of courage to act on principle by Republican leaders and conservative spokespeople in their unwillingness to condemn Limbaugh at the outset.

On CNN, Ari Fleischer played the false equivalency card, citing a harsh critique of the Catholic Church on the Huffington Post as deserving of an apology. Mary Matalin,

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GOP: State budget plan is short-sighted

Hidden in Mitt Romney’s win in the Washington caucus was the strong performance by Ron Paul, who came in second with about a quarter of Saturday’s vote. This buried fact should tell us plenty about our state’s GOP.

Ron Paul is by all accounts a fringe candidate. He promises to eliminate Social Security, Medicare, drug laws, the IRS, the EPA, the Civil Rights Act, foreign aid (including aid to Israel), and the Department of Education (among others). Paul is a reductio ad absurdum running for President. And, yet, in Washington, he won a respectable second.

At the same moment that

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GOP: Candidates seem unqualified to lead

Whatever happened to the Grand Old Party?

I tend to vote for those who I think will be best qualified at the time to solve the current problems of our country. So I have on occasion voted in Republicans.

The people put forth this time by the GOP seem all underqualified to lead this country. Mitt Romney was seen as an unelectable opportunist four years ago. Newt Gingrich was already done in in the 1990s after his government shutdown debacle and his philandering. Ron Paul participates just out of habit, not expecting to be elected. And Rick Santorum, the Catholic

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OBAMA: Realize threat of four more years

Conservative moms and grandmothers can no longer stay out of politics because it causes arguments and hard feelings. The future success of our kids and grandkids is in jeopardy.

Just as we would protect our kids from physical danger, we must protect our kids and grandkids from economic danger. We must actively support the conservative candidate of our choice. We can’t just show up at the polling place and vote. We have to try and convince our friends and neighbors to see the threat of another four years of Barack Obama as president and work actively to get out the

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GOP: 2012 – the year the elephant died

Barack Obama might as well write his inauguration speech now. The Republican Party is fractured in a way that no election-year political party should be. This summer’s convention is looking to be a drawn-out mess of multiple ballots and voting between Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney.

That is, of course, unless Romney truly destroys Gingrich in Florida and on Super Tuesday. And then the GOP will have a candidate that makes Jeb Bush look appealing.

A wishy-washy venture capitalist from Massachusetts and cut from the same cloth as John Kerry is no way for the Republicans to appeal to the

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