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FREEMAN: Legislator was dedicated to others

In the 39 years that I have lived in Federal Way, two elected officials have stood out for their dedication to serving the poor, the underprivileged and the vulnerable. The first was my friend, the late  state Sen. Mary Ann Mitchell; she was so devoted to seniors that we named a senior housing complex (Mitchell Place) and a highway overpass after her.

The second is state Rep. Roger Freeman. who died Wednesday. His reputation for effective legislation and caring for the most needy transcends the borders of his 30th Legislative District. With a degree in law he could have chosen a lucrative career. Instead

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ELECTION: Jack Dovey knows business and jobs

It is time for us to have someone in Olympia representing the 30th District who is a small business owner and has personally experienced some of the pitfalls of starting and running a business.

In Washington state, the climate for business is terrible. Constant red tape, regulations, new tax laws, changing employee laws, changes in health care laws, B&O, L&I and IRS demands are extremely time consuming and complicated. It’s a wonder people have the strength to keep trying to succeed.

Jack Dovey is one such person who will never give up on working and succeeding for his family and

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ELECTION: Roger Freeman for the 30th District House

I have lived in Federal Way for approximately 35 years, and I am supporting Roger Freeman for state representative, House Position 2, in the 30th Legislative District.

Although I haven’t known him for a long time, I know him well enough to be impressed with his dignity, his sincere concern for the youth of our community, his dedication to making right the wrongs of education and his work for fiscal responsibility.

Once in a while, life affords us an opportunity to create significant change for the betterment of our fellow man. Freeman offers his strength, enthusiasm and power to proceed

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