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ELECTION: Roger Flygare acts in bipartisan way

We need a 30th District legislator with proven experience in working effectively in Olympia with members of both parties.

For many years, Roger Flygare has worked long hours in Olympia with many different legislators to get numerous bills passed to benefit us. This year, as co-chair of the Federal Way Commission Against Trafficking, Flygare and others from FWCAT worked successfully to get 12 anti-human trafficking bills passed.

Now he is asking voters to let him serve from within the Legislature where he can use his experience as a small business owner and skill in building bipartisan coalitions to get things

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ELECTION: Kochmar avoids taking a position

Tuesday night’s debate between 30th Legislative District candidates Roger Flygare and Linda Kochmar demonstrated clear differences between the two.

Kochmar, despite claiming that she would make tough choices, repeatedly said she would abide by the will of the voters on a wide range of issues. Apparently, she is unwilling to take principled positions on thorny issues, so one must ask why she wishes to represent us.

Flygare did not equivocate. His positions were clearly laid out.

Kochmar’s willingness to defer issues of rights to a popular vote is particularly troubling. Had the electorate been asked, we might not have ended

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ELECTION: Accusations against Flygare disheartening

I am disheartened by the accusations regarding the military service record of 30th District House candidate Roger Flygare, a dear friend (TNT, 9-30).

The motivation of one veteran to try to destroy the reputation of another must be questioned, especially of any veteran of that outrageously conflicted Vietnam tragedy.

As the widow of a Pearl Harbor survivor who spent six years in the Pacific from the Aleutian Island Patrol to Shanghai, I can say that I observed how wartime experiences stay with these unfortunate men, and I have heard more than my share of “war stories” over the years.

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ELECTION: Roger Flygare for 30th District seat

Roger Flygare, a candidate for  30th Legislative District House Position 1, is first of all a husband, parent and small business owner. A state-certified court reporter, he employs other court reporters and legal services employees.

When his country called, he answered. He’s a decorated veteran who served two tours in Vietnam. As a court reporter,  he was elected as the president of both of his statewide professional organizations. He has successfully worked with members of the state Legislature on a number of issues. He has clearly shown his ability to work across party lines to make a difference.

Now he

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