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JUDGES: Flip-flop based on misinformation

Re: “Pierce Council flips on judges” (TNT, 11-14).

The article reports yet another flip-flop in the gymnastic event leading up to the selection of the next Pierce County District Court judge. This time the Pierce County Council, without notice, has determined to restore Prosecutor Mark Lindquist’s position on this committee.

Why? As this paper reported, Councilman Roger Bush said the current process is weighted toward defense attorneys because two members come from the Tacoma-Pierce County Bar Association (TPCBA). Based on this information, he concluded that the committee was “skewed really badly now” and “has a definite sense of unfairness.”

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TAXES: Officials elected to make tough decisions

Pierce County Councilman Roger Bush’s proposal (TNT, 3-18) to give voters tax control demonstrates what is lacking with many of our elected officials: a spine to make tough decisions.

We elect leaders to make tough decisions, take responsibility and not kick the can down the road. Members of the Pierce County Council are paid six figures and expected to work full time to do what is right for our county.

The council has found ways to keep our county afloat in this tough economy without raising taxes and should continue to exhaust every option before it does. However, if

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PIERCE COUNTY: Kudos to Flemming for rising above partisan politics

It is rare that I want to tip my cap to a Republican or a former opponent, but Pierce County Councilman Stan Flemming deserves kudos for crossing party lines on Tuesday’s council vote regarding the county’s Redistricting Commission.

Flemming has also been very responsive and engaging in helping PenMet Parks address some county issues that would allow the district to provide more recreational opportunities on the Gig Harbor Peninsula. I hope he continues to do what is right for his constituents, not just his party.

On the flip side, it is disappointing to see Councilmen Roger Bush and Dick Muri

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ELECTION: 2nd District needs Marilyn Rasmussen

When Roger Bush left the Legislature to run for Pierce County Council, Jim McCune, an appointed legislator who lost the election in Des Moines, decided to move to Graham and run for Bush’s seat. McCune was a stranger to the district.

Now the 2nd District has a chance to replace him with a savvy, successful and experienced lawmaker who has proven herself over and over to be a great defender of our needs, Marilyn Rasmussen. She sees, listens and has gone to bat over and over for us.

She has brought school funding, road projects and community safety legislation. She

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