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BUDGET: Rodney Tom heading in the right direction

Re: “Senate leader suggests fines to speed up work” (TNT, 7-9).

Senate Majority Leader Rodney Tom has the right idea, but why stop at fining legislators only $250 a day and all per diem? Why not hit them where it really hurts? Why not fine them equal to the pay that they would earn each day they go over the allotted legislative session?

Make it mandatory attendance, and if they choose to skip out completely they get fined double that. Sort of like a speeding ticket in a school zone or construction site. They should not be allowed to

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BUDGET: Failure reflected in both Washingtons

The day-to-day news coming out of Washington must be confusing to a lot of people, mainly not knowing which Washington the news is coming from.

What’s going on in the state of Washington is a mirror image of the ineptness going on in Washington, D.C. Senate Majority Leader turned quasi-Republican Rodney Tom appears to be aping the antics of D.C. politicians, struggling for power rather than doing the people’s business.

When bodies of elected officials have two years to put together a budget and fail, does that show they lack qualifications to lead? Most would agree that it goes without

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LEGISLATURE: Majority coalition caucus a flop

Re: “Where Legislature stands on bills” (TNT, 4-30).

Here we are at the end of another session, and can anyone say they are really surprised by the list of items that were not passed? There is no budget, no transportation package and – very important to my financial planning – no idea what my tuition rate will be next year.

I am disgusted by the majority coalition caucus and its success in dismantling what could have been a positive session. Instead, we as taxpayers must pay for a special session now to accomplish the basic tasks that legislators couldn’t

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ABORTION: Rodney Tom sends the wrong message

In the article regarding the Reproductive Parity Act (TNT, 2-19), I was struck by the comment made by Senate Majority Leader Rodney Tom, D-Medina, that he is a supporter of abortion rights. I found the statement he made – “I’m down here making sure that my 17-year-old daughter has the kind of protection we need in Washington state and that all of our kids have those same kinds of protections” – especially chilling.

Is this the message we want to send to our 17-year-olds, that abortion is now the contraceptive of choice?

There are safe ways of preventing pregnancy

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POLITICS: Voters know what party vote means

Re: “No violence in state Senate, and voters likely unperturbed” (Peter Callaghan column, 1-15).

Callaghan’s column about the Senate Democrats who have thwarted the will of voters was an aberration from his usually fine work. He claims that many voters “voted for the winning (candidate) because they like him or her.”

If a person’s vote were simply for swell men and women, then kindly Democrats in Okanogan County and genial Republicans in Seattle would get elected. But that’s not the case, and Callaghan knows it.

Callaghan has spilled barrels of ink onto the pages of The News Tribune

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TNT: Disappointed in newspaper’s right turn

Re: “Two Democrats thwart will of Washington voters” (letter, 12-15).

The letter expresses my feelings about state Sens. Rodney Tom and Tim Sheldon. In the old days they would be labeled “turncoats.” And I am still in shock that The News Tribune supported Rob McKenna for governor considering the Associated Press reported his association with radical elements in the Tea Party and his meetings with and support from the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC).

ALEC is an organization composed of tobacco, oil, NRA and big drug companies whose goal is to have many public services, such as schools, prisons,

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TNT: Two Democrats thwart will of state’s voters

Re: “A healthy check on Democratic power in Olympia” (editorial, 12-11).

It must be a constant source of annoyance for The News Tribune that all elections aren’t decided by newspaper editorial boards. That way Rob McKenna would be our next governor, Reagan Dunn would be our next attorney general, and the state Legislature would be full of Rodney Toms and Tim Sheldons – people who quicken the pulse of no one but elites who quest for “centrist politicians” – i.e., social libertarians and fiscal scolds.

Their necks must be sore from nodding in approval as Tom and Sheldon thwarted

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