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WASHAM: TNT sure giving Farris a lot of freebies

I am curious concerning the letter from Robin Farris. This is so blatantly an ad I am wondering how she got this published without labeling it “Political Advertisement” and paying for it, or is this another of her freebies, even to publishing her web site, how to mail petitions, where they will be located, times and places.

She has gotten quite a lot so far. What a way to get publicity without paying for it. It seems there is more to this than meets the eye. Let’s watch closely to see, if she is successful, who will replace Dale

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WASHAM: Recall signatures still needed

The Recall Dale Washam Committee made history Thursday when we turned in 65,500 signatures. This is the exact number of signatures we need if they were all valid. However, in any signature- gathering event, the validity rate is typically 75 to 85 percent. As a result, we still need at least 10,000 additional signatures to ensure we have enough valid signatures to be certified.

If anyone needs petition, I have an order form on my website, www.recalldalewasham.com. Returning it requires one 44-cent stamp. If you want to sign the petition, our signature gathers are covering the Puyallup and Spanaway

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WASHAM: Commenters’ anti-Farris vitriol is misdirected

Every time a new story appears regarding the Dale Washam recall effort, without fail a couple of folks jump to The News Tribune’s website in order to spew their vitriol of unsubstantiated claims and hate towards Robin Farris, who organized the recall.

They fail, again and again, to recognize that the claims against Washam were brought forward based on outside, unbiased investigations and were found to have merit by the state Supreme Court.

They try, again and again, to make this recall about Farris. This action has nothing to do with her and everything to do with Washam. No person

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WASHAM: Recall leader gets to play by different rules

What is that odor lingering in the air? Sort of like rotten eggs? Oh, I get it. It is coming from The News Tribune (4-29) and the leader of the Dale Washam recall effort, Robin Farris.

Isn’t it nice that she does not have to play by the same rules Washam is held to? She does not have to pay her lawyers, and her fine of $500 was suspended by the state Public Disclosure Commission and she only has to pay half of it.

The charges of violating regulations governing the reporting of campaign contributions by initially placing

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