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TACOMA: Councilman Thoms gets it

At least one Tacoma City Council member addressed concerns over fiscal implications of proposed charter review amendments. Councilman Robert Thoms displayed care for our taxpayer dollars by questioning potential fiscal ramifications of proposed changes, including the form of government, on already constrained budgets and with hundreds of millions in infrastructure needs.

He repeatedly suggested that the city must focus on core issues versus seeking changes without knowing the cost implications.

Earlier in the day the council was presented a budget forecast that showed the deficit would soar to more than $19 million by 2017 if growth remains slow and the

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TACOMA: Thoms responsive to Dome District concerns

The Dome District Development Group, a neighborhood association representing small businesses and residents of the Dome District, is proud to support Tacoma City Councilman Robert Thoms. Since his unanimous appointment in January, Thoms has been incredibly responsive to the Dome District’s concerns and needs.

When an Amtrak station development threatened to block road access to the district, Thoms successfully fought for a solution that protected our neighborhood. He also fought to establish a “quiet zone” for trains passing through the Dome District, cutting down on noise pollution. Throughout, Thoms has been outstandingly receptive to the district’s small businesses and residents.

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TACOMA: Thoms worked to clean up flophouse

My wife and I own our home off Sixth Avenue in Tacoma. All in all, it’s been a great place to call home and raise our kids. With the shifting population, though, we have had some problem with rental homes in our area.

Recently, one of the neighboring houses fell into use as a “flophouse” for drug users and criminals. Tacoma police said their hands were tied by private property laws and lack of manpower to adequately patrol the area.

Our city councilman, Robert Thoms, visited our home while campaigning. He listened intently to our concerns. Over the ensuing weeks,

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TACOMA: Thoms impresses with responsiveness

I had the pleasure of meeting Tacoma City Councilman Robert Thoms while he was walking our Northeast Tacoma neighborhood, talking to constituents. I shared with him that our block had recently been plagued by an infestation of bees on a city-owned portion of the street.

We’d never even met before, but Thoms promised he’d see what he could do. After weeks of frustration, we were bee-free in a matter of days.

I’m beyond impressed. A lot of promises are made in politics, so it’s nice to see a leader who follows through. There’s no doubt that Thoms deserves to continue

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TACOMA: Thoms responsive on streetlight problem

I was pleased to see that The News Tribune endorsed Tacoma City Councilman Robert Thoms in his bid to retain his seat (editorial, 10-7) On both the big and small scale, he’s done great work for Tacoma.

Case in point: This summer, the streetlights in our Northeast Tacoma neighborhood had been off for months. Despite our best efforts, the city hadn’t fixed them.

Frustrated, I emailed Thoms. He replied almost immediately, promising to try for a fix. He even called me one evening, well after working hours, to collect the necessary information. Within days, our lights were back on!

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TACOMA: Thoms’ violations aren’t ‘deal-breakers’?

I don’t really know what to think about The News Tribune’s endorsement (10-7) of Robert Thoms for District 2 in the Tacoma City Council race.

According to your editorial, Thoms, who is asking to represent us in a rule-making position, apparently doesn’t think that the current rules and policies apply to him. But since the violations are not “deal-breakers,” the editorial board is happy to overlook the “sins.”

I will be voting for Patricia Lecy-Davis, who is even described in the editorial as having “a deep understanding of the city’s crucial small business sector.” More important for an elected

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TACOMA: Thoms impresses with constituent service

As both a Tacoma resident and landlord, I end up interacting with city government – for better or worse – fairly often. I know that it often takes a lot of nudging to get things done. That’s why I was so stunned with the effectiveness of my city councilman, Robert Thoms.

I met Thoms on Labor Day weekend when I was facing difficulties coordinating with the city to get a hedge around my rental trimmed. Thoms promised he’d look into it, and sure enough, I was soon  contacted by the city to set up a date.

I’m impressed by Thoms’

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TACOMA: Thoms shows leadership on student safety

As a long-time advocate for Tacoma schools, I read The News Tribune’s recent coverage of school speed-zone uniformity with great interest (TNT, 7-20). There is nothing more important than the safety of our children.

For decades, some school-adjacent streets have allowed dangerously fast speeds where children cross. I am very pleased that City Councilman Robert Thoms, who has only been on council a few months, took on this important issue, benefiting children at numerous schools across Tacoma. I find his willingness to identify and tackle this issue refreshing.

Our schools and neighborhoods will be safer as a result of

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