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BALES: Exactly what is normal anymore?

Re: “Bales writes his mind was consumed by war and hate” (TNT, 6-7).

Sgt. Robert Bales is asking for a reduced sentence for his crime of multiple murders in Afghanistan. He says he now realizes that his mind was consumed by war and that what he thought was normal was actually the farthest thing from being normal.

So what is normal? Normal is people here and in allied countries carrying on normal and routine lives while war in the Middle East goes on and on. The war is just what appears on the news and in the newspapers.

What is

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MILITARY: Save some compassion for Bales, too

I have watched several local news reports on TV. It seems that our loyal press just can’t understand why a soldier may not remember his actions in a war zone. Four deployments to war zones in a short period of time could be a reason. A severe head injury while in a war zone could be another.

I have also noticed news agencies, including The News Tribune, have lamented about the poor care at Madigan Army Medical Center for post-traumatic stress disorder. Have any local news reporters been subjected to the same physical and mental traumas that this soldier incurred?

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ROBERT BALES: Does ‘America’ still exist?

Re: ”Afghans recall deadly night of horror,” (TNT, 5-17).

The unspeakable atrocities of March 11, 2012, make me ashamed to be an American. Actually, though, I’m not sure if America, as we have been taught to think of it, still exists. In its place? Global corporations that exploit labor and rape resources all over the world instead of hiring our own people and paying them decent wages. A media machine that pounds home, literally, thousands of ads every day into the head of every American, until we are drunk with the desire to consume without limits. And, a government-sponsored war machine

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BALES: We all share some responsibility

Re: “Death penalty for Bales?” (TNT, 11-14).

I feel very sad that Robert Bales stands accused of killing 16 Afghan people and leaving others wounded and without their loved ones. But as an American, I sympathize with him and his family. We have asked our military to fight this unwinnable war; it was his fourth deployment! How much can a human being take?

His family was in trouble. He had seen one too many of his military buddies wounded by an enemy that is not in uniform. Pills were readily available, and if he did drink alcohol and had

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MILITARY: Are troops being overmedicated?

How can we convict Sgt. Robert Bales of killing 17 Afghan villagers? He was obviously not in his “right mind,” given the fact that the Army makes readily available all kinds of drugs to keep the troops from being depressed and stressed and allowing them some kind of sleep. Mixing them with alcohol, as apparently Bales did, could have led to his death.

I am appalled that we are making drug-dependent people upon leaving the Army; that happened in Vietnam and is obviously happening now. Shame on us.

We need to reinstitute the draft. I bet there will then be

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MEDIA: Hold off on sensational stories until the facts are in

The shooting of Trayvon Martin and the Afghanistan massacre are examples of recent stories being swayed and built by the media. The media never seem to be able to wait until all the facts come out in a story. Two men’s lives are in the balance. While we seek justice for those whose lives have been taken, do we want truth or quick revenge?

The media do everything they can in the name of free speech to stir up every unthinking person’s passions to violence and revenge; unfortunately our society is full of these people. If media corporations would just

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RAMPAGE: Appointed counsel should be adequate

Re: “Staff Sgt. Bales, family seek help with legal bills” (TNT, 3-27).

I guess I am missing something here. The public is being asked to contribute to the defense of a man who is accused of murdering men, women and children; a man who has single-handedly forced his government to alter foreign and military policy; a man who has compromised the risk factor and safety of every American in Afghanistan; a man who has sullied the reputation of America and Americans in the view of the rest of the world, regardless of his guilt.

Imagine if Bales had gone

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TNT: Is newspaper trolling for dirt?

I was appalled to see this on The News Tribune web site:

CALL TO READERS: The News Tribune is interested in talking to friends and acquaintances of Staff Sgt. Robert Bales. E-mail newstips@thenewstribune.com if you can help.

Are you kidding me? I cannot understand what meaningful purpose this information will serve other than to  exploit a tragic situation. I expect more from The News Tribune. You are not the National Enquirer, TMZ or “Inside Edition.”

Or are you? Shame on you.