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MENTAL HEALTH: Funding must be a priority

The recent articles in The News Tribune (3-10) have highlighted, very well, the “revolving door” policy that my family and I are too familiar with. The mental health system in Washington is, without a doubt, in crisis.

Nearly five months ago my son, Jonathan, killed his father. Rob’s murder never should have happened. Last year it seemed that Jon was to be committed to the institution for life, but he was released unexpectedly. Now we’re caught up in the system again.

The day that Jon had his arraignment for murdering his father, he was ordered to Western State Hospital

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MELINES: Mental health system failed Tacoma family

Re: “‘Time bomb’ son shatters family” (TNT, 12-8).

Thank you for the front-page article about the Meline family tragedy. As a mother it is easy to identify with the shock, horror and grief being felt by Kim Meline and her family. She is a courageous woman to speak out about the terrible tragedy, in spite of all she and her family are feeling. People must listen to her, people in the government must listen to her, for she is not alone.

I know little of mental illness, but I do know that she and her husband talked often about

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