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ELECTION: McKenna has nerve decrying outside money

I had to write after reading Rob McKenna’s online Viewpoint, “It’s harmful when outside billionaire tries to influence elections here.”

I remember Rob McKenna getting plenty of contributions from wealthy out -of-state companies and millionaires when he ran for governor in 2012, and I don’t remember him returning any of these “harmful” contributions.

The truth is that McKenna’s just trying to help his party, and he’s treating voters like they’re idiots in the process. I can’t wait until he talks about “harmful” outside money when Republicans are raking in the money in 2016.


COAL: North Dakota, Wyoming can butt out

There is talk in the news this week about how the attorneys general of Wyoming and North Dakota are urging Washington regulators not to conduct any kind of far-ranging environmental reviews of proposed coal terminals, in spite of the fact that this is precisely what the majority of our state’s citizens have requested.

According to these industry mouthpieces, to take into account the extent of the damage that coal exports represent would interfere with interstate commerce and usurp the federal authority of regulating international trade.

Never mind that, because of environmental and health concerns, the combustion of coal for

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STALKING: New law will help protect victims

This Saturday ends a three-year pursuit for a better way to protect those who are stranger stalked, like my daughter Jennifer Paulson. Gov. Jay Inslee will be in Tacoma at Birney Elementary School at 11:30 a.m. to sign the Jennifer Paulson Stalking Protection Order Act. All are welcome to attend.

When this bill goes into effect, it will separate stalking from anti-harassment orders; therefore, the criminal justice system hopefully will place the importance all the state legislators placed on protecting the stranger-stalked. This may require extra effort on the “systems” part to learn about and know the perpetrator in order

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TNT: Disappointed in newspaper’s right turn

Re: “Two Democrats thwart will of Washington voters” (letter, 12-15).

The letter expresses my feelings about state Sens. Rodney Tom and Tim Sheldon. In the old days they would be labeled “turncoats.” And I am still in shock that The News Tribune supported Rob McKenna for governor considering the Associated Press reported his association with radical elements in the Tea Party and his meetings with and support from the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC).

ALEC is an organization composed of tobacco, oil, NRA and big drug companies whose goal is to have many public services, such as schools, prisons,

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ELECTION: McKenna has connections to right-wing groups

A recent News Tribune article points to the connections between Rob McKenna and the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC). But many readers may not realize just what ALEC is and how it pushes its right-wing agenda.

ALEC has been a stealth operation funded by the notorious Koch brothers. It has recently become known for its “model legislation” of Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” law – the one used to justify the killing of teenager Trayvon Martin.

It is an unholy alliance in which corporations and conservative state legislators meet together in private to decide on legislation to pursue in each state.

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ELECTION: What was McKenna’s quid quo pro?

Rob McKenna tells us not to worry about his nearly $200,000 in out-of-state junkets because somebody else paid for them (TNT, 10-29). I want to know the quid pro quo McKenna provided for his travels. I also want to know who funded the Republican Attorney Generals’ Association and financed his travel in his unsuccessful attack on the Affordable Care Act.

Whereas Gov. Chris Gregoire’s out-of-state travel was in support of the bipartisan litigation she led against the tobacco companies to limit their ability to market their poisons to children (and to extend the Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department’s victory over

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ELECTION: That ‘gimmick’ has bipartisan support

Gimmicks and catchy one-liners have always been part of the political landscape, but Jay Inslee’s recent TV ad criticizing one aspect of Rob McKenna’s education plan is downright shameful and without merit.

Inslee attacks McKenna’s so-called “tax swap” idea, calling it “just a gimmick.” Others call it a serious, necessary part of the conversation to address the recent state Supreme Court decision that requires adequate statewide funding for public education and less of a reliance on local levies.

McKenna’s “gimmick” is supported by education leaders as an innovative idea to address education funding. It is a responsible, measured approach that

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ELECTION: McKenna failed to defend public lands

As Washington attorney general, Rob McKenna refused to defend Washington’s public lands. He was going to let Common School Trust lands be condemned, despite Public Lands Commissioner Peter Goldmark’s request to provide legal representation in appealing a lower court ruling.

The state had to sue McKenna to get him to defend the public lands of our state. He is the wrong guy to be our governor.