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TACOMA: Unfair to force non-Tacomans to pay for city streets

Re: “Non-residents pay for poor leadership?” (letter, 10-24).

On behalf of the Puyallup letter writer and all other residents outside of the City of Tacoma who may be forced to incur increased costs without the ability to vote either way on those increases, I’m voting no on Proposition 1.

It’s not fair at all that our city leadership’s failures to take care of our roads be passed on to those outside the city, especially when they can’t vote on it. That is taxation without representation, and I’m using my one vote to send a message.

Let’s be fair and wait

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TACOMA: Dedicated fund for roads is important

It’s true that Tacoma’s pothole problem has been decades in the making. We’ve kicked the can down the road long enough, and now it’s going to take some serious effort to fix our streets.

The argument that previous city councils or city administrations haven’t put forward a responsible, comprehensive, sustainable solution to fix our streets in the past is not a valid reason to not fix them now. That’s backwards thinking and will only hold Tacoma back, make our streets worse and only make it more expensive the longer we wait.

This City Council created a dedicated Street Repair Fund,

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TACOMA: Proposition 1 is all about safety

As a 20-year-plus member of a local fire department, I probably know better than most people about the importance of traffic and road safety. And as a nearly lifelong resident of Tacoma currently living in the Central District, I’ve witnessed our streets go from nuisance to embarrassment to what is now a real hazard.

From our potholes, which are on the verge of being classified as natural wonders, to our poorly marked crosswalks that could qualify as legs in an adventure race, navigating our city has become dangerous.

Tacoma is also Pierce County’s economic, educational and social hub. The safe,

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TACOMA: Prop. 1 provides a sustainable solution to fix streets

I live on Tacoma’s East Side. I’m a retired teacher. My husband is a retired mechanic. We’ve worked hard all our lives for the money we’ve earned, and I know you can’t have something for nothing. That’s why I support Proposition 1 to fix Tacoma’s streets.

I’m tired of dodging potholes on my way to the grocery store, doctor or a community meeting. I can either say yes on Prop. 1 to finally fix our streets or worry about my next flat tire or losing control of the steering rumbling down our crumbling streets.

For less than the cost of

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TACOMA: Non-residents pay for city’s poor leadership?

I live in Puyallup and get my power from Tacoma Public Utilities. I can’t vote on Tacoma’s Proposition 1, but highly suspect my power rate will, in time, increase if it is approved.

I think it is negligent that the leadership in Tacoma didn’t properly take care of their roads and now have to demand a handout from folks who don’t live there. I’m quite irritated by possibly having to participate in the bailout for the City of Tacoma’s Streets & Road Fix-It Program.

This reminds me of “taxation without representation.” Tacoma voters, please don’t approve this flawed plan.


TACOMA: City officials still don’t get it

We received a shiny, multi-fold mailer touting the merits of Proposition 1 and all the projects it will help complete in Tacoma. Unfortunately, it does little to repair streets.

Streets are what we drive on, and Prop. 1 is specifically being promoted to repair streets. At least that is what every politician looking for my vote has told me.

Take time to read the mailer, and you’ll see 70 projects to synchronize intersections, 46 for handicapped accessibility and school traffic beacons, and 510 blocks resurfaced.

I have no problem insuring pedestrian safety, but many of these projects do nothing to

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TACOMA: Support Prop. 1 and fix city’s streets

Tacoma’s blighted, pothole-ladened streets are painfully evident to both residents of Tacoma and visitors alike and pose a risk to any car attempting to travel on them.

The reality is that Tacoma’s streets will never be improved without a focused funding effort, which Proposition 1 offers Nov. 5. One of the beauties of Proposition 1 is that, unlike proposals to raise the sales tax, it allows multimillion-dollar hospitals, large corporations, entities in the Port of Tacoma, Walmart, and state and federal entities to participate in paying to repair the streets.

Outlying suburban areas, such as Fife and University Place –

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TACOMA: City wastes money on Cheney Stadium lot

Re: “New Cheney lot will allow water to drain” (TNT, 9-26).

Retailers will be flocking to the new, improved Cheney Stadium parking lot to open shop, as that will be the only city-owned smooth pavement in Tacoma to drive on.

Don’t worry if your automobile is leaking fluids; the new pavement will filter it. As a bonus, the grass there will be fed chemical fertilizers that will leach under the pavement, not through it, and run off to the water and kill the fish.

The roads of Tacoma already have this fine feature of filtration; it’s called potholes. Why

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