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FREEWAYS: How to stop deadly wrong-way crashes

As state and local governments scratch their heads and try to come up with a way to prevent wrong-way freeway crashes, I came up with my own unique idea. I actually thought about this back in October 1991 when a co-worker was killed by a wrong-way drunk driver with no headlights.

My idea: retractable spike strips. Those spring-loaded spike strips were used at drive-in movies to prevent cars from driving in through the exits. Each time a car tried to drive in going the wrong direction, severe tire damage would result, stopping the car immediately.

Those same spike strips could

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ROADS: Gas tax money should maintain and repair streets

Incorporated cities, towns and counties receive a portion of the gas tax receipts based upon population (RCW 46.68.110 and 120). Small towns have some of these funds controlled by the state for road repairs, however bigger cities and counties just receive the money into their general funds.

As I remember, in about 1950 Seattle got the state to change the law to allow that use – a change from the previous requirement that those funds must be dedicated to repair and maintenance of roadways. That’s why streets are in poor repair.

Taxpayers should demand that their government utilize all the

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TACOMA: City’s wrong to use utility as a cash cow

A profitable public company from which a government extracts funds for purposes unrelated to the company’s operations is called a “cash cow.” That seems to be how Tacoma uses Tacoma Public Utilities.

Does the law creating TPU in fact permit this? Is it really legal for the voters to authorize extracting funds from TPU for road maintenance? If legal, are there at least legal limits to using TPU in this manner?

The U.S. government has concluded that road users should pay for roads, including, most basically, funds needed to maintain road systems in good condition. The funds collected are distributed

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TACOMA: Cheaper power benefits non-residents

People against Tacoma Proposition 1 say it will cost jobs. I couldn’t disagree more.

Prop. 1 will create more than 300 good, family-wage jobs in Tacoma. That’s why unions like Teamsters 117, the Pierce County Central Labor Council and others have endorsed it. Unions aren’t the only ones supporting it, though. Prop. 1 has the support of countless local businesses. Good roads and safe neighborhoods are important to everyone.

I should know; I’m a 911 dispatcher, and I take calls from people in Tacoma who need emergency services when they run over potholes on our broken streets. People call all

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TACOMA: Charge utility to help pay for streets

I’m voting yes on Proposition 1 to fix Tacoma streets for many reasons. I want to see potholes get fixed, and I’m tired of driving down bumpy roads.

This past August, big money interests filed a lawsuit trying to keep this issue off the November ballot, They lost in court, wasting taxpayer dollars. Now they’re pouring even more money into the campaign against fixing Tacoma streets.

Is it fair for large, profitable companies that use public utilities at bargain rates to keep Tacoma voters from fixing our streets? I don’t think so. It’s time for Tacoma voters to stand up

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TACOMA: Tax regressive and for the wrong purpose

I received a campaign brochure today on Tacoma Proposition 1 dedicating utility tax revenues for roads. Why? The City Council hasn’t done its job for a decade to maintain the city infrastructures. Prop. 1 is an inappropriate tax on the people’s company (Tacoma Public Utilities), which was created to produce the lowest cost energy and services possible for Tacoma households.

Would the council propose a ballot measure for a 25-cent-per-gallon gas tax to replace 18,000 utility poles, improve 46 substations and resurface dams? No, it wouldn’t, because vehicle users aren’t responsible to support a utility company with gas revenues. Neither

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TACOMA: Mailer seems to try to mislead voters

I have just received the slick, glossy and endorsement-filled mailer from the “Fix Tacoma Streets” campaign. The convenient placement of News Tribune quotes and logo led me to believe that this too was an endorsement of Proposition 1.

In reviewing past issues of the newspaper I have in fact found that The News Tribune has not endorsed this proposition but in fact editorialized that voters should reject Prop. 1. Tacomans who received this campaign mailing should be aware that the implied endorsement is misleading and does not represent the stance of the newspaper.


TACOMA: Unfair to force non-Tacomans to pay for city streets

Re: “Non-residents pay for poor leadership?” (letter, 10-24).

On behalf of the Puyallup letter writer and all other residents outside of the City of Tacoma who may be forced to incur increased costs without the ability to vote either way on those increases, I’m voting no on Proposition 1.

It’s not fair at all that our city leadership’s failures to take care of our roads be passed on to those outside the city, especially when they can’t vote on it. That is taxation without representation, and I’m using my one vote to send a message.

Let’s be fair and wait

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