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ROADS: Want upgrades? Sponsor a golf tournament

Has anyone else in Tacoma noticed the sudden repaving and repairing of roads in the past month? Many of the main thoroughfares have had very nice jobs done on them. How about University Place? Whole sections of Bridgeport Way have been repaved.

I thought the City of Tacoma kept telling us over and over that they didn’t have the money to cover major road repair costs. Funny thing is, I have noticed that all this road repair and repaving frenzy came just before the U.S. Open started. I smell something fishy here.

In order to put on a good face for

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TRAFFIC: Voters stripped funding from roads

Re: “No relief in sight on region’s highways” (letter, 5-21).

State highway officials do plan 20 years into the future. Twenty years ago, the plan was to have completed all of the projects currently underway and many more by now. Then state voters stripped all the funding (Initiative 695), and everything crashed to a halt.

Don’t blame the state Department of Transportation; ask each other why people with expensive cars couldn’t afford to pay a few bucks a month for a transportation system.

Now we’re looking at higher and higher gas taxes to make up for it, and we’re left

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TACOMA: Where’s vision that we paid for?

What happened to the Vision For Tacoma draft that Mayor Marilyn Strickland and the City Council paid $350,000 to a Seattle consulting firm to produce? I have emailed Councilman Anders Isben and Strickland and received no response.

Our local leaders have set the bar at a new low in many areas, especially when it comes to listening to their constituents. I attended a City Council meeting recently and Strickland left chambers and did not return during the public comment forum. Fifty bucks to attend her “state of the city” address?

Now she wants to propose an $180 per year tax over 10

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TACOMA: City must be more accountable

Our property taxes skyrocketed this year. Now our mayor wants to add $180 ($15 per month, per household) to our taxes (TNT, 2-25).

The millions the city wants to spend on more light rail would fix a lot of roads and benefit a lot more people than the proposed light rail ever will.

A road tax is included in every gallon of gas we buy. Where does it go? After the voters voted down the last proposition for a gas tax, it’s like the powers that be in Tacoma decided to punish the citizens of this city by doing

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ROADS: Talk, half-measures won’t solve I-5 mess

The new I-405. That was the graffiti on the overpass describing the congested Interstate 5 corridor around Joint Base Lewis-McChord.

Yes, it is a mess and getting worse, but nothing happens but talk and half-measures. Legislators have ideas for improvement but no money, so they are thinking of raising the gas tax by 12 cents.

The last gas tax increase in 2005 was supposed to be the end all and be all for better roads. What happened?

What about the half-measure of spending two years and millions to put metering lights at on-ramps and computerized signs that tell you how

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TACOMA: Little achieved with Mildred Street project

Re: “South Mildred Street revamp almost finished” (TNT, 9-25).

Let me see if I have this straight. We spent $2.5 million over two years on a half-mile stretch of road to eliminate two lanes of “motorized” traffic and add two bike lanes. By the city’s own admission, the project has caused “significant traffic backups with only one lane in each direction.”

This is why I twice voted against levy measures for road “repairs.”

My grief isn’t with bike lanes; they have their place, just not here. I’m sure everyone involved in this project felt they were doing their very

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COUNTY: Repaved road is now more dangerous

Vickery Avenue, between 112th and 128th streets, was recently repaved. The old road was in fine shape and had enough of a flat shoulder to be safe for walkers and cyclists, and there are a lot of us.

Since the repaving, we have no shoulder. The edges fall at a perilous 30 degrees toward ditches up to 6 feet deep. When traffic comes from both directions, there is no safe place.

Every road project in Pierce County should consider the walkers and cyclists. To build roads that do not is unacceptable at a time when people are struggling to stay

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ROADS: Major bottlenecks – and still no action

We returned last year to Pierce County after living on the East Coast and in the Midwest for years. I was surprised to see the huge increase in this county’s population.

On the other hand, I was not so surprised that nothing has done about completion of State Route 167 to Interstate 5, the cross-base connector road or the absolutely horrendous jam of I-5 through the military reservation. These projects were being discussed 40 years ago, and there is still no action.

It’s amazing what the bureaucracy isn’t able to accomplish around here as opposed to other high-growth areas in

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