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ROAD RAGE: Dealing with aggressive drivers

Through my recent experience with an aggressive driver, I’ve come up with some solutions to prevent a terrifying incident like one that happened to my wife and me recently on River Road near Tacoma.

In most instances, driving the speed limit should spare you the wrath of an irrational driver. If you’re being tailgated and the other driver is flashing lights, just change lanes and let him pass. Never pull over and stop your car. Never slow down; this will make things worse. Never speed up unless it’s your last resort.

Avoid eye contact at all times. Know your whereabouts, so if

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ROAD RAGE: Don’t blame the victim

My first reaction to the recent incident of “road rage” in Spanaway was to comment that the perpetrator – who is reportedly a 20-something young man – must have made his mother, father, grandmother or “auntie” quite proud of his assaulting and seriously injuring two older men, one of whom had significant war injuries.

However, an online commentator (“Gizmochimp”) indicated that the second victim – who had come to the aid of a stranger being savagely beaten – had involved himself in the incident just “to prove how much of a man he was”!

Wow. What a misguided view

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