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PARKER: TNT should make its own endorsements

Re: “Is Romney ‘too perfect’ for voters to identify with?” (Kathleen Parker column, 2-1).

This was yet another in a series of columns by Parker either championing Mitt Romney or attacking his Republican opponents.

Parker, known as a moderate conservative, clearly has chosen her candidate and will do her best to use her column to see that he receives the Republican nomination.

Let’s look back on some of Parker’s other columns that have appeared in The News Tribune.

There was “Maybe Romney’s flip-flops were sincere changes of heart” (TNT, 12-1), in which she explains away Romney’s apparent lack

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GOP: Now that was a feisty debate

Wow, that’s entertainment! The Republican debate in Vegas was like a showdown at the O.K. Corral. An initial concerted group attack on Herman Cain’s 9-9-9 economic plan soon led to attacks amongst all, but mostly on Mitt Romney, who briefly lost his characteristically Ken Doll composure. At one point Romney placed his hand on Rick Perry’s shoulder, and one expected a brawl might ensue.

Cain was unable to adequately defend his plan. Rick Santorum pointed out that lower- and middle-income individuals would carry a disproportionate burden of the 9-9-9 plan. Romney lucidly observed that people will end up paying not

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POLITICS: Republicans thrilled with candidates

Over the past few months the mainstream media, including columnist Eugene Robinson (TNT, 9-27), has been telling us the same thing over and over about the Republican presidential candidates: They make up a weak field.

That doesn’t surprise me. The vast majority of journalists in this country are liberals, and they vote for the Democratic candidate. They never seem to pass up a chance to downplay Republicans and cheerlead for President Obama.

If the journalists quote a source for their “weak field” report, they usually state it was anonymous or a secret GOP political operative or donor. Would that

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GOP: Debates are telling – and disturbing

To anyone who may wonder why some voters consider tea party members less than admirable/Christian/humane or bright, you need only watch the Republican debates. The timing of the cheering and applause is disturbing, to say the least.

At a recent debate, the host enumerated the number of executions in Texas under Rick Perry (234, including juveniles and the mentally disabled), then asked Perry if he struggled with the thought that some of those executed may have been innocent.

His answer was a resounding no – which was followed by big applause from the peanut gallery.

In fact, a commission had

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PERRY: Government doesn’t create jobs

Re: “Get the facts on the ‘Texas miracle’” (letter, 8-21).

My mother always said, “If you can’t say something nice about someone, then don’t say anything at all.” I would say, “Don’t trash someone unless you are correct in your remarks.”

The letter writer says that Gov. Rick Perry’s jobs creation in Texas was 9 percent private sector and 19 percent government jobs. He would have us believe that President Obama is responsible for creating jobs in Texas.

According to The Wall Street Journal, since Perry took office in 2000, of the roughly 1.1 million jobs created, only 18 percent

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PERRY: Get the facts on the ‘Texas miracle’

Rick Perry promises “to make Washington D.C. inconsequential.” He contrasts Barack Obama’s wasteful economic stimulus with his own fiscal responsibility in balancing the Texas budget.

The facts? Perry balanced his budget with $7 billion of Obama’s federal stimulus money.

Perry scoffs at government, praises private enterprise and touts his “Texas miracle” of job creation. The facts? Nine percent of Texas job growth under Perry was in the private sector, but 19 percent was in government jobs. And as for Perry’s private sector, Texas is tied with Mississippi for most minimum wage jobs in the nation.

Religious extremists form Perry’s political

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TEXAS: Washington’s fine by comparison

Re: “We have a long way to go to become ‘Texas of the north’” (Richard S. Davis column, 6-21).

Davis’ opinion piece left out some facts.

• The Texas economy has the largest number of employees working below the federal minimum wage in the nation; $11.20 is the median hourly wage.

• Texas used federal stimulus money to pay 97 percent of its budget shortfall in fiscal 2010 while Gov. Rick Perry railed against the stimulus bill of 2009.

• Any economic good news in Texas comes from its oil industry, which is fleecing America right now.

• Washington does

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TEXAS: Be careful what you wish for

Re: “We have a long way to go to become ‘Texas of the north’” (Richard S. Davis column, 6-21).

As a 73-year-old native Texan visiting Tacoma for the summer, I feel I can add some insight to the Texas atmosphere.

Business does take priority in Texas as long as you throw health care, education and environmental emissions under the bus. We are already at the bottom of the list on spending for education and health care. Who would prefer living in a state with those priorities?

The Republican Legislature this year has presented such brilliant things as: the right to

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