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PUYALLUP: City Council needs fresh voices

The News Tribune editorial board got it right when it endorsed Heather Shadko and Julie Door for Puyallup City Council (editorial, 10-17).

I would have liked to see Corry Glucoft endorsed as well for the District 1 council position.

The editorial did note that her opponent consistently aligns himself with council members Rick Hansen, John Knutsen and Steve Vermillion. This foursome has created a troublesome majority, a lot of dissension and uncivilized behavior on the council.

Glucoft would bring a fresh voice to the council, with new ideas and vision for the city. The TNT referred to Glucoft as

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PUYALLUP: Ex-council member educates the public?

Re: “City Council meeting soured by email debate” (letter, 8-20).

My attention was drawn to an online comment by Nicole Hilton-Martineau, a former council member.

She began by stating that “we tried to pass rules of decorum” and continued with “Knutsen and Hansen wouldn’t support it.” She admitted that she also voted against the measure. By her attempt to place blame on John Knutsen and Rick Hansen, she ignored the fact that six of seven council members voted against defining rules of decorum for citizens comment during council meetings.

Apparently still upset over her loss of the at-large council

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PUYALLUP: Officials shouldn’t meet privately

Re: “Daffodil land’s future sparks political fire” (TNT, 7-14).

Here in Puyallup we keep hearing, from a quorum of four City Council members, about open government. The article shows another example of not practicing what you preach. Mayor Rick Hansen states he saw” nothing wrong” with the private meeting of two Planning Commission members and a developer, a land-use applicant. But he did not see anything wrong with most of what he does either. He did go to some special training.

We remember the big brouhaha about the three City Council members meeting with the former city manager. Councilman John

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PUYALLUP: City parks now on the right path

Now that the Puyallup Parks Department saga seems to be complete, I would like to take the time to thank those involved who contributed to its positive outcome.

Puyallup now has two major assets on its hands thanks to this process: a thorough, transparent study of the Parks and Recreation Department done by city staff and a strong, knowledgeable parks director in Sarah Harris.

This process that was undertaken was not easy. Rumors about the demise of the department and city parks only increased its difficulty. That is why I would like to thank City Manager Bill McDonald for undertaking

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PUYALLUP: Why should citizens pay for mayor’s sensitivity training?

I don’t understand why the City of Puyallup should pay $1,700 for Mayor Rick Hansen to take sensitivity training. His salary is way above the average citizen’s; he should have paid it himself.

This money could be used for some citizens who are trying to put food on their table. Plus as a mature man he should have known better.


PUYALLUP: It’s 1962 all over again on the City Council

Last November, some of us women lamented an all-male City Council in Puyallup, the first such council since 1962. Now it seems that our warnings have come to an ugly fruition: The mayor, Rick Hansen, is dealing with the fallout of groping a city employee.

The Puyallup City Council does not just look like it did in 1962; it now acts like it did 1962.

Hansen has undergone expensive sensitivity training, and he has taken the chastisement of the city manager. But more is needed. The mayor’s indiscretion is an embarrassment to Puyallup and a shame to women. He ought

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PUYALLUP: Mayor Hansen must resign

Re: “Puyallup mayor accepts sanction” (TNT, 7-7).

It is time for Puyallup Mayor Rick Hansen to resign. A city cannot have a mayor who inappropriately touches the female staff. What makes the matter absolutely disgusting is that in his own misguided plan to deflect blame, Hansen now claims to be ignorant of just who he groped. What discriminates this from a dubious “he said/she said” complaint is that there are independent witnesses.

So far, Hansen has received a damning letter of reprimand from the city manager and attended counseling at taxpayer expense. Now Hansen wants us all to forget

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PUYALLUP: Council actions are again self-serving

A couple of months ago, two Puyallup City Council members (Rick Hansen and Chris Boyle) craftily changed an agenda item which would have changed the start times for executive sessions to moving the start time of all council meetings from 7 p.m. to 6 p.m. beginning in September. This was done purely to benefit their own personal schedules.

The issue is that this was done without prior public notice and comment. The earlier start deters those who work outside the city and many others who would otherwise participate, or even inhibit prospective talented candidates from running for office. This

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