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PROTESTS: Davis’ criticism unfounded

Richard S. Davis rightly commends George Washington for his humility, temperateness, and sincerity (column, 2-22). What a contrast to Davis himself, who intemperately accuses the Occupy protesters of lack of patriotism, and asserts with no trace of evidence that their minds have been poisoned by the textbooks they read in high school.

I would simply like to remind Davis that the Occupy movement began on Wall Street in New York City as a protest against the punishing and unpunished behavior of financial behemoths who have effectively held the little people under their boot heels for the past eleven years.


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TNT: False equivalence between Baird, Davis

The late social scientist Clifford Geertz noted that absolute objectivity is impossible in science, but just because is impossible to operate under absolutely sterile conditions doesn’t mean we should operate in a sewer. Good science training entails rigorous methods and high standards of neutrality to avoid the pitfalls of confirmation bias.

The News Tribune editors make a false equivalence when they claim to be “balancing” Richard Davis’ conservative think-tank column with a so-called liberal, academic voice in Katie Baird, who is a genuine social scientist. Serious university research seeks to discover provisional answers, testing hypotheses to see what may or

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