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JFK: Unfortunate consequences of assassination

We recently commemorated the assassination of John F. Kennedy 50 years ago. This event was a national tragedy that set in motion two ensuing tragedies: the rise in power of Lyndon Johnson and Richard Nixon.

Johnson was put on the 1960 Democratic ticket to help JFK win Southern votes. John Kennedy and his brother, Robert, did not like Johnson, but recognized him as a necessary evil. Johnson couldn’t wait to get involved in the Vietnam quagmire. In fact, he tried to run the tactical operations of the war from the Oval Office. I suppose he thought his work in public

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ELECTION: Expect Obama to go negative

The economic news is bad (TNT, 6-1). The sequel is predictable. Brace yourself for a host of Obama attack ads against Mitt Romney’s past.

At the same time that he winds down foreign wars, Barack Obama postures as the “national security” president while running ads claiming that his opponent wouldn’t pursue America’s enemies. Next, he will surely claim that Romney wants to disenfranchise minority voters. The attorney general is raising this trial balloon even now.

A campaign based on fear and smear? How 1972. Yet there are sensible reasons for it. Without peace or prosperity to point to, and

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