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ECONOMY: Davis prescription is suicidal

Re: “Recovery demands a better climate for business” (Richard Davis column, 10-5).

Davis does it again. Citing highly suspect sources – the “latest triennial survey of corporate executives” – Davis states that Washington is not as competitive as the Third World states of Texas, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee. And surprise, surprise: They are all anti-union “right-to-work” for less states.

No doubt theses “executives” were part of the cabal that got us into the economic mess we are currently in and participated in the corrupt and incompetent business frenzy that took place between 2001 and 2008 – a

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POLITICS: Conservatives play games with words

To any English Ph.D candidate needing a topic for their dissertation, here’s a hot one: the right-wing propaganda machine’s (appallingly successful) 30-year campaign to turn the language on its head.

My favorite example is their stock response to any hint that the super-rich might want to start paying their fair share in taxes so that, you know, the country doesn’t devolve immediately into a third-world-style oligarchy: “Class warfare!” The old 180-degree semantical flipperoo – sheer genius!

But Richard Davis’ column (4-7) bemoaning Washington state’s cruelty to our poor, he cast beleaguered businessmen in nearly the same light by listing “lack

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